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The world of manufacturing has gone beyond the doorstep of the local production plant. It crosses rivers, continents and oceans, and spans a breadth of new technologies, new processes and tomorrow’s innovations. It is highly competitive and challenging and its growth into a new century depends on partnerships that begin on the factory floor and transcend into the currents of trade.

We understand the complexities involved in today’s manufacturing environment. This is why Industry Today brings together a wealth of talent and resources to make you better at what you do. Here you will find opinions, ideas and proven techniques from some of the manufacturing world’s leading innovators – people who have stepped outside parameters to set standards for a global era of innovation.

Covering virtually all sectors of manufacturing, in addition to shipping, transportation and distribution, Industry Today regularly features reports on the latest news affecting the financial and political landscape. Regular reports and features include:

  • Commentary from associations that oversee manufacturing’s emerging talent.
  • Comment and commentary from industry analysts and observers on global issues that affect your business, including trade, finance, and economics.
  • Regular analysis, in-depth coverage and feature articles on issues and trends from the major players themselves: CEOs that present their insight and perspective into the current global climate.

Of course, Industry Today is most known for our comprehensive profiles on leading manufacturers. Our stories cover the challenges, the victories and the many innovations at work as corporations re-invent their operations to compete in the 21st century.

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