ID Label Inc. has introduced three new warehouse solutions that allow for the easy removal and repositioning of labels on racks, shelves and totes.

LAKE VILLA, Ill., Feb. 20, 2017 – Building on its long history of product innovation, ID Label Inc. introduced three new barcode labeling solutions that allow for the easy removal and repositioning of labels on racks, shelves and totes to help warehouse executives efficiently manage and track products.

“Our new solutions support the need for inventory location flexibility, speed and efficiency, which are essential for today’s modern warehouses and distribution centers,” said Gregg Schiltz, ID Label’s general manager. “They also virtually eliminate untold worker hours that might otherwise be spent scraping and removing old labels from warehouse racks, shelves and totes.”

Clean Release™ Removable, Reusable Label

ID Label’s Clean Release features an advanced adhesive that adheres tightly to virtually any surface, but is easily removable and reusable without a hint of adhesive residue. Labels can be removed and repositioned after days, months, even years of use without performance degradation.

Warehouse managers can use Clean Release on virtually any surface as a temporary or permanent labeling solution. This include metal warehouse racks, plastic totes, bins, shelves, PVC signs, forklifts, furniture, paper, wood and glass – even in damp or cool environments. A laminated top coating adds long-lasting durability, which is ideal for rack locations and reusable totes.

Beam Renew™ Label Holder and Rack Cover-Up Solution

Updated for 2017, ID Label’s Beam Renew is a laminated base adhesive strip designed for warehouse racks and shelves. Simply apply barcode labels to the Beam Renew strip and easily remove them when product inventory and information changes, or when re-slotting or reconfiguring locations. There’s no need to scrape away previously used labels or use harsh cleaning solutions.

Beam Renew is available in multiple colors to match or contrast the customer’s environment, so it is also an excellent cover-up solution to refresh old beams without the time and expense of repainting.

Tote Renew™ Laminated Label Holder

Like Beam Renew, Tote Renew is a laminated base strip designed specifically for reusable totes and containers. Barcode information labels are easily applied and removed without any scraping or leftover adhesive residue. Tote Renew is a durable and cost-effective option, eliminating the need for plastic sleeves or placards to house labels on totes and containers.

With its sturdy construction, Tote Renew helps extend the useful life of containers and supports interchangeable tote usage among a network of distribution centers. It also helps to reduce scan errors that can occur when previously used barcode labels remain visible and partially exposed.

ID Label will demonstrate these innovative products at ProMat 2017, the largest expo for manufacturing and supply chain professionals in North America, being held April 3-6 in Chicago. Visitors to ID Label’s booth (4817) can obtain full information kits for each of the new products, along with samples for testing at their local facilities.

About ID Label Inc.
ID Label is the nation’s leading manufacturer of custom, variable-information barcode labels and tags used by thousands of organizations around the globe to inventory, track, supply and manage millions of items used by consumers and businesses every day. The company provides design, production, signage and nationwide installation services for customers in the warehousing, supply chain, electronics, clean room, medical/laboratory, apparel and library markets. In 2016 ID Label acquired Barcodes West, a leading Seattle-based manufacturer, to expand its expertise, reach and production capabilities. To learn more visit our website at www.idlabelinc.com.