CeramTec UK’s Ruabon manufacturing facility has invested in a new vertical spindle CNC milling machine.

CeramTec UK’s Ruabon manufacturing facility has invested in a new vertical spindle CNC milling machine, creating new opportunities for the business in a number of sectors, including commercial printing and medical components.

The new equipment, purchased in the first half of 2017, allows CTUK to manufacture increasingly smaller piezo ceramic tubes on a consistent basis, in some cases components can be produced with diameters down to a few millimetres. When manufacturing components of this kind, it is important to ensure that dimensional control is maintained as this plays an important role in upholding the electrical performance of the component. Providing the wall thickness of piezo ceramic tubes remains does not vary, electrical performance should remain constant, optimising the overall performance of the application.

Paul Turnbull, Sales & Business Development Manager, explained: “The improved dimensional, geometric and electrical characteristics of piezo ceramic tubes, made possible by the investment, open up a number of opportunities for our business, particular in the medical component and commercial printing markets. In commercial printing, the tube is part of a technology that helps to form the ink droplets which pass out through the nozzle head, helping to ensure consistency in droplet size and therefore, a higher quality print. Increasingly smaller tubes are also playing a vital role in medical components, in line with a longstanding industry focus on product miniaturisation.”

While producing components of sufficiently high quality is a priority, so too is the creation of a safe working environment for employees. The new machinery is PUWER compliant, helping to maintain the highest standards of health and safety throughout the production process.

For further information, please visit: https://www.ceramtec.com/standard-shapes-and-sizes/tubes/.