TrustCapital LLC opens a new bromine plant in Krasnokamsk (Russia) with estimated capacity of 1,700 tons sodium bromide per month.

TrustCapital LLC – one of the largest bromine and bromine compound producers located in Russia – opens a new bromine plant in Krasnokamsk (Volga Federal District) with estimated capacity of 1,700 tons sodium bromide per month. Construction of the plant will be carried out in two phases.

The first production stage is planned to reach its full capacity at the beginning of the second quarter of 2020. The volume of investments into the first production stage will amount to $7 million. The second stage’s launch is planned for 2022. The total production capacity will amount to 1,700 tons per month. The total volume of investments into the project will amount to $60 million, more than 500 new workplaces will be created. Sodium bromide will be supplied to the domestic market and also to the countries of near and far abroad. The plant will also produce calcium bromide, zinc bromide and ammonium bromide.

“The market demand for bromine in the world is growing faster than its production. Bromine compounds are an important raw material for drilling mud and petrochemical products. Such raw materials are also used for water purification and production of non-combustible products. The consumer’s market is growing. It includes oil producing enterprises, oil service companies, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. That is why we have decided to open and develop our own production facilities” – says Igor Ruchyev, the member of BoD of TrustCapital LLC.

The Krasnokamsk plant will become Russia’s second bromine production enterprise. The first one is Brom JSC located in the Republic of Crimea.

About TrustCapital LLC
TrustCapital LLC,, the official operator of Krasnokamsk bromine plant.

The company is one of the largest Russian bromine and bromine compound producers. It trades in bromine and its compounds on domestic and foreign markets. In 2019, the company’s revenue from exports of bromine and its compounds amounted to $10 million.

The strategic goal of the company is to become a leader among domestic producers of bromine and bromine compounds through the expansion of sales markets and new products, increasing production efficiency and practical application of scientific and technical potential.

TrustCapital’s unique geographical location, close to a natural bromine source, provides the possibility to extract unique compounds. One of the company’s main goals is to minimize its environmental impact. We implement required environmental protection measures in order to achieve it.

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