A list of some of the most inspiring names of female specialists.

Although throughout the past centuries the world has been actively fighting for the ultimate gender equality across different media, even in the 21st century, there are still some stereotypes left. Most often, these apply to different gender roles in society, and, especially, in the workplace.

Despite the fact that women have numerously proven to be not worse specialists than men in way too many spheres, there are still some industries believed to be largely male-dominated. And engineering is one of these fields.

For young females pursuing a degree in this field, constantly hearing that they have chosen a men-dominated industry can be rather demotivating. They may be high-achievers and perform great in college. But there still will be people concerned about the girls’ potential to succeed at such a job.

Don’t let them bring your spirit down. Women aren’t worse than men in engineering or other fields, and we are ready to prove it!

Girls Do It Better: Top 4 Most Notable Female Engineers in the History

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Let’s go broader. How can you fight the common belief that there is no place for women in engineering? We’re here to give you a portion of motivation!

In the list below you will find some of the most inspiring names of female specialists for you to look up to.

Edith Clarke

Edith Clarke is not just a notable industry specialist. She is, in fact, the first woman ever who managed to obtain a degree in electrical engineering.

She graduated in 1918 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In addition, she also became the first female professor in this field, and thanks to all this her name is forever inscribed in history.

Apart from this, Edith Clarke is known for working at General Electric for 26 years (1919-1945) and becoming a salaried electrical engineer in only the first two years of employment. If you are wondering what’s so big about it, this was a huge achievement for a female specialist during that time.

One thing Edith is so famous for is her patented invention – the Clarke Calculator. The device she created was meant for solving issues related to the electric power transmission line.

Hedy Lamarr

Another extremely inspiring example is Hedy Lamarr. The world remembered Hedy as just another “pretty face” from Hollywood. She was a famous actress in the 30s and 40s. Looking at this beautiful woman anyone would think about this, but she was actually a great engineer.

In the pastime between shootings, Hedy Lamarr invented a brilliant communications system for the US military. This invention is believed to be a basis for modern communication technology.

Hedy patented her invention. Unfortunately, by the time the world had finally recognized how brilliant it was, the patent had already run out. Later, in 1997 she was recognized with a governmental award. Today, many people consider her the “mother” of cell phones and wi-fi.

Emily Roebling

One more example, Emily Roebling, was a woman who never planned on being in this industry. Yet, she is known as the first woman field engineer.

Emily got into this role by coincidence. Her husband was leading the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge when he suddenly got very ill. Roebling decided to undertake the chores of her husband and became responsible for managing the project.

In her work, Emily was relying on the info she received from her husband and workers, but she also carried out her own studies and calculations. That’s how she became famous for being a Chief Engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Stephanie Kwolek

Stephanie Kwolek can be deservedly called one of the game-changers in the field of engineering. She is most famous for inventing Kevlar.

We bet that many of you have heard of this innovative material used for the production of bullet-proof vests. But, in case you haven’t, Kevlar is a super-strong and durable synthetic material.

It is resistant to flames and corrosion and is five times stronger than steel. This material is so reliable that it is also used for the production of many other items many of us use such as camping gear, safety helmets, cables, and snow skis.

Final Words

These women are only a few of the many famous female engineers. Each of them has left a huge footprint in our history and progress.

Thus, if anyone still has doubts about the girls’ capacity in the field of engineering, simply looking at these inspiring examples should dispel all doubts.