Industry Today Volume 16 Issue 3 - page 174

Frank Macher became Continental
Structural Plastics’ CEO in 2011.
Previously, he served as the company’s
chairman for about six months. “I took
over for owner Rick Scott, the governor of
Florida,” recalls Macher. “He had to
recuse himself from the chairman
position because of a potential conflict
of interest.”
Scott had created RLSI-CSP Capital
Partners LLC to purchase Continental Structural Plastics Inc. in 2005.
Macher’s appointment as CEO led to company restructuring. “In the last
two years, we’ve effectively restructured the company to create improved
company performance,” says Macher. “I saw that we needed to develop
skill sets throughout the organization. That meant a better understanding
of the critical characteristics of the business, which would assure us that –
from a process controls standpoint – the most appropriate kinds of
actions and controls would be implemented. From there, we put in a
process of continuous improvement, which would lead to cost reduction,
throughput improvements, and bottleneck elimination.”
This was particularly important, as the US Environmental Protection
Agency was developing new mileage regulations for the automotive
industry – and automakers comprise a large part of Continental
Structural Plastics’ business. “The EPA has tasked the industry with achiev-
ing 54.5 miles per gallon by around 2020 through 2025,” says Macher.
“There’s only so much you can do with current technology, unless you
downsize everything, so we immediately knew that we had to start on
lightweight actions.”
That’s where Macher has been taking the company.
“What we provide – light weighting – has become an industry
mantra. Demand is for fuel reduction, and that’s what we
provide.” – Continental Structural Plastics CEO Frank Macher.
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