Provider of tech and engineering solutions joins forces with Virinco, Norwegian based provider of WATS test data management solutions.

ROCKVILLE, MD – Acquired Data Solutions (ADS), a leading-edge technology and engineering solutions provider, announces its new partnership with Virinco, a Norwegian based provider of WATS, the award-winning global manufacturing intelligence solution to support the roll out of remote testing and monitoring for electronics manufacturers in the US and Mexico.

The two companies have announced a distributor agreement, where ADS will market and implement the range of WATS solutions – including the WATS Test Data Management (TDM) platform developed to monitor and analyze electronics manufacturing, and Return Material Authorization (RMA) test and repair data.

The Norwegian Global Group Virinco, helps standardize and automate manufacturing test and quality solutions, from soft – and hardware design to turnkey systems. WATS, the award-winning Test & Quality Data Management product, automates transformation of test and repair data into statistical and qualitative insights for real-time actionable information for the global value chain, through any web browser. WATS connects with TestStand or LabVIEW, stores and analyzes test data in the cloud. With WATS, ADS enables businesses to overnight become more agile and efficient.

“We proudly join forces with the talented team at Virinco,” ADS’ CEO, Steve Seiden said. “This is a critical step in furthering the development of the US electronic manufacturing industry – including the Aerospace and Defense sectors to help future-proof companies and protect front line workers in a post-pandemic world. Automated testing is no longer optional, it’s a must have capability. Through this partnership we’re able to extend our solutions and support these organizations so they can continue to do business with the federal government.”

The US Aerospace & Defense market is projected to grow from $416.63 billion in 2020 to $550.78 billion, registering a CAGR of around 2.37% during the forecast period (2021 – 2030), reports Mordor Intelligence. Meanwhile, according to recent industry reports demand for aerospace and defense electronic components is up 6% from the pandemic year of 2020, while automotive bookings are up by 60%. The shift to expanding the home manufacturing base in the US for electronic components including semiconductors from defense, through to a range of components for consumer electronics including white goods, mobile phones and computers has boosted the market.

Seiden explains the rationale for including WATS in the ADS portfolio. “In the post-pandemic world, we need to be ready for when people can’t go to work the next time and a mutual way of providing remote access and digital transformation in one go. Despite geopolitics, outside of protected industries, because of the pandemic we’ve all looked for opportunities that weren’t possible with the international boundaries – we have now gone to a boundary-less world. Data has no boundaries.”

Vidar Grønås, Virinco’s Sales Director responsible for WATS global implementation, further comments, “Despite being in the ‘Information Age’ many companies in today’s electronics industry suffer from severe, but often invisible, inefficiencies. Difficulties in accessing and analyzing relevant manufacturing test data makes agreement on the necessary improvements near impossible. The result is significant time is wasted on trivial data-activities, reduced quality levels, and completely avoidable recalls and warranty claims. Problems that the industry needs to get to grips with as we calibrate to the post-pandemic world.”

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