ADS joins forces with Assert Security to combat vulnerabilities in internet-connected assets.

Washington, DC –Acquired Data Solutions (ADS), a leading-edge technology and engineering solutions provider, announces its new partnership with Assert Security, a Georgia-based provider of advanced security test automation solutions. The synergy between the two companies will expand ADS’ capabilities to deliver automated security tools necessary to ensure all of its clients’ internet-connected devices and presences are secure, 24/7.

Automated testing is no longer optional, particularly among organizations doing business with the federal government. Compliance laws continue to evolve, and the new capability that ADS and Assert Security bring together will ensure this need in the market is filled. Overall, the infrastructure industry is behind the curve in preparing for and mitigating against increasingly complex threats.

“We proudly join forces with the talented team at Assert Security as we unveil this new capability to our customers,” ADS’ CEO, Steve Seiden said. “There is a huge opportunity to provide organizations with proactive solutions to keep their HTTP devices secure. Many Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) devices control major, large-scale utilities and services, where compromises would bring massive and widespread negative impacts. At ADS, we are committed to bringing the best in available technology to ensure our clients are prepared and ready for what lies ahead.”

Software changes take place constantly, and these changes can create holes that leave organizations exposed. While many organizations are aware of the potential risks, they are not always clear on the path forward. The ADS/Assert Security partnership will take the guesswork out of these processes driven by automation.    

“Industry estimates indicate that there are currently between 50 and 70 billion HTTP devices in the worldwide IOT space alone and these are all-too-often vulnerable to hacking and compromise,” Steve Millar, CEO/Co-Founder of Assert Security said. “The nature of the rapidly-evolving software industry means that what was safe yesterday isn’t guaranteed today. Automation is essential to keeping software asset inventories secure around the clock and ensuring this process is conducted at-scale to grow along with the organizations they serve.”

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About Assert Security
Assert Security was founded in 2018 on the core idea that fully automated security testing should be in every software pipeline. Assert Security was formed to address the gap between the need for continuous assurance and the reality. For more information, visit