We want to contribute to your success. It’s a big part of what we do. Our lead generation program helps deliver real, qualified leads to your sales team. Our audience of manufacturing and industrial professionals is huge and growing all the time. Heavy, targeted monthly traffic, long durations of average site visits and high average page views per visit all translate to eyes on your content.

And our name encourages those visitors to engage with that content and become leads in your sales funnel. Beginning a lead generation program with Industry Today means your lead-capture campaign will be associated with one of the most trusted sources for coverage of a huge range of sectors, from aerospace to transportation and logistics, and everything in between.

Thanks to 21st century internet advertising, you don’t have to take our word for it, either. Analytics drive our lead generation campaigns from initial placement to the time your leads are converted to customers. We continuously monitor the performance of your campaign to achieve maximum results. Our cycle of tracking, reporting and analysis is how we best deliver the return on your investment you once could only hope your marketing dollars were delivering.

With our suite of analytic tools, we can determine exactly how your campaign is performing, down to audience demographics, click-through rates, page views, detailed reports from Google Analytics and more. This allows you to integrate a high level of lead scoring intelligence into marketing and operational decisions.

Get in touch with Industry Today now to start the discussion on getting your lead generation efforts up and running. Simply click the link below and complete the form to start the conversation.

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