Here are some of the best aerospace engineering programs around the world.

A little over a century ago, the idea of flying was considered a dream. Thanks to the Wright brothers and the aerospace engineers that came after them, humanity can not only transverse the globe but also out into space. Aerospace engineering deals with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. It makes sense that if you want to become an aerospace engineer, you want to get the best education possible. Here are some of the best aerospace engineering programs around the world.

The University of Tokyo (UTokyo)

The department of aeronautics and astronautics in UTokyo was started in 1918. However, it closed for a while and was reopened in 1954. They strive to incorporate recent developments in aeronautics and space technology to develop a curriculum that prepares its students for the ever-evolving field. They are open to international students though you may have to learn Japanese to study there. Some topics you will cover include biomechanics, orbital mechanics, viscous fluid dynamics, composite structures, and more.

The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland understands that the aerospace engineering field is challenging as their students have to balance using lightweight materials with reliability. For that reason, students who want to learn aerospace engineering with them combine mechanical engineering with aerospace engineering. A student taking this course will learn the same topics learned by mechanical engineering students then choose to specialize either in space engineering or aeronautical engineering to earn a dual degree. Some topics covered include aerospace materials, flight mechanics, and hypersonic aerodynamics.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is another excellent university to learn the skills that prepare you for a career in aeronautics. You can choose to study their Bachelor of Science in Aerospace engineering degree. Their goal is to help students conceive, design, implement and operate aerospace systems and similar high-performance systems and products. You will not only learn the theoretical aspects of aerospace engineering but also get practical experience. You will cover topics such as thermodynamics, propulsion, fluid mechanics, and different materials and structures.

Imperial University College

The aeronautics department at Imperial University College in the UK is renowned for its research in aeronautical engineering. This research and in-depth knowledge in aeronautics bode well for its students as they have a very robust curriculum. The students benefit from having high-tech equipment, computing facilities, and workshops to help them learn and practice what they learn. Some topics covered in the course work include aerodynamics, flight mechanics and control, lightweight structures, and structural mechanics. Besides the coursework, students are encouraged to design, implement, and test innovative ideas to improve their design and analytical skills.

Princeton University

Just like at the University of Queensland, students in Princeton learn mechanical and aeronautics engineering together. The mechanical and aeronautics engineering department in Princeton has played a leading role in designing control and dynamic systems, satellite technology and propulsion, and even robotics. You will learn different topics such as biomechanics and instrumentation, materials science, and even about vehicles’ stability and control. Under the tutelage of their expert faculty, you could go on to make great strides in the aeronautical field as many Princeton alumni are doing.

Northwestern Polytechnical University

If you desire to study in China, Northwestern Polytechnical University is a great school for you. You will learn in the department of aeronautical structural engineering. They have two specialties, theoretical and applied mechanics and aircraft design and engineering. By teaching theoretical and applied knowledge about flight vehicle engineering, they desire to guide students to become proficient in mechanical design and manufacturing. The bachelor’s degree covers airplane performance, structure tension analysis, civil airplane structure and maintenance, composite material analysis, design, and many more topics.

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

The world of aviation and aerospace is continually evolving, and it needs highly trained workers and lifelong learners. An excellent place to start is at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, doing their BEng Aeronautical Engineering. This program encourages students to learn and implement technical and engineering skills in the aeronautics field. The school’s goal is to produce students that can design, manufacture, maintain, and manage aircraft. Students learn a range of topics such as mechanics, electronics, control system engineering, and electric machinery, among many others. Combine this degree with quality essay writers, and you are well on your way to passing with flying colors and venturing into a great career.

How to Evaluate an Excellent Aeronautical Engineering Program

  • Check to see if the program is accredited. Different countries have different accreditation bodies.
  • Check the student to faculty ratio. A lower ratio allows you to interact better with your teachers compared to if the ratio is high.
  • Consider the research opportunities offered.
  • Enquire if they have career services or employment opportunities.

It is incredible how far aeronautical engineering has come. From building small aircraft to sending rockets to space, they have broken a lot of ground and done wonders. The best way to join this fantastic field is to get the best education you can. That way, you will have an excellent knowledge base to serve the field better.