Booth to highlight equipment for battery applications including weld heads and weld checkers.

MONROVIA, CA – AMADA WELD TECH, INC. will be highlighting equipment for battery and battery pack welding at the International Battery Seminar & Exhibit, which will be held in Orlando, FL at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort, March 28-31, 2022. The trade show will also be accessible online. Visit the booth to talk to our local experts, discuss applications and get a hands-on demonstration of some of our industry-leading battery manufacturing equipment.  On display will be the UB-500A and TL-088A/EZ benchtop welding system with the MM-400A weld checker.

The UB-500A Linear DC Welding Control features fast rise time and precision control, making it ideal for battery pack welding. Offering high quality throughput, the UB-500A requires only single-phase input power and can output up to 500 amps. Ultra-fast rise times permit short overall weld times, resulting in less part deformation and stronger welds. The UB-500A will be shown with the TL-088A/EZ Precision Weld Head. With either manual or pneumatic actuation, the TL-088A/EZ provides the fine levels of precision control required for microjoining applications from <0.001 inch (25 microns) to 0.04 inch (1mm) in diameter or thickness. EZ-Air prevents overforce and guarantees force repeatability. The weld head’s EZ-Clean feature permits easy electrode set-up and maintenance.

Also on display is the MM-400A Weld Checker, ideal for use in both process development and production environments. The MM-400A lets operators easily monitor and manage key welding variables that result in changes in weld heat, including current, voltage, time, force and displacement. The compact unit supports AC, DC inverter, AC inverter, transistor and capacitive discharge resistance welding technologies. Featuring a simple and intuitive user interface and color touch panel display, the unit provides ISO17657-compliant measurement for current and offers Ethernet (TCP/IP), and RS-232/485 communication, as well as multi-language support.

To learn more or to attend the show virtually, visit the International Battery Seminar’s website here:

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