The name change comes four months after the company’s acquisition of Brickeye, the construction risk mitigation platform.

TORONTO – AOMS Technologies, a leader in advanced IoT solutions for construction and industrial applications, announces it has formally rebranded the company to Brickeye. The name change comes four months after the company’s acquisition of Brickeye, the construction risk mitigation platform.

The shift away from AOMS, which stood for Advanced Opto-Mechanical Systems, underscores Brickeye’s focus on providing actionable data and insights to customers in addition to delivering the ruggedized IoT sensors that the company has long been known for.

“There’s a lot of value in a name as it’s both a form of identification and a signifier of a company’s brand promise. That’s why when we discussed the change to Brickeye, our team understood that we wanted to reflect the value we deliver to our customers,” said Tim Angus, President and CEO of Brickeye. “The world of industrial IoT is changing. Contractors need insight into the conditions of their working environments in order to build safer, smarter, and better. We’re looking forward to delivering the data and analytics that will support better decision-making and transform how construction is approached.”

“We’re incredibly pleased to enter this new chapter,” said Hamid Alemohammad, Chief Operating Officer at Brickeye. “The acquisition of the original Brickeye brand allowed us to expand our solution to better serve those in construction risk management. With this rebrand, we will continue to build upon the foundation of AOMS, while moving towards further developing our intelligent, data-driven solutions.”

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About Brickeye
Brickeye empowers industrial users with advanced decision-making tools and actionable  insights anywhere and anytime to build a safer, more resilient, and more sustainable future. The company is leading the global digital transformation by developing the world’s best interconnected solutions for generating actionable data from assets and processes, to enhance efficiency and productivity, reduce operational costs and risks, increase safety, and improve environmental performance. Brickeye solutions are deployed globally in construction sites, power generation infrastructure, refineries, renewable energy projects, manufacturing plants, and environmental remediation sites. To learn more about how Brickeye is advancing the construction industry through superior sensor technology and data analytics, visit or follow the company at @brickeye.official

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