How do you achieve over four decades of engineering expertise with the simple touch of a button? A time machine? Maybe a magic lamp? Or Nylacast's new Smartphone and Tablet application, Nyla-App.

With a drive for continuous improvement in offering their customers and partners a high level of quality, service and innovation, Nyla-App, the first worldwide mobile application from an engineering plastic solutions provider, acts as a direct value adding portal between its users and experienced engineers.
Junaid Makda, Nylacast Marketing Executive stated, “Nylacast, having created endless engineering components and applications for numerous global industries, are pleased to announce the development of one more. Nyla-App is one of many marks of our commitment to excel in Quality, Service and Innovation for our customers and partners. Functioning as a highly portable and interactive platform for engagement with Nylacast, the new Nyla-App provides an assortment of functional tools, logic, data sheets, instant access contacts and a wealth of Nylacasts engineering experience all at the users fingertips.”

Have you ever thought of improving the performance of an engineering application or design, or have had an engineering problem which needs a solution? The Nyla-App ‘3rd Eye‘ feature enables Nylacast to swiftly and effectively take a look at the situation with you from an engineering polymer point of view, instantly providing you with over 45 years of Nylacasts operating experience at the touch of a button.

Offering material data sheets on a wide range of Nylacast Polymers, Nyla-App is also equipped with a handy ‘Toolbox’ containing items including a Torch and a useful Weight & Length Convertor, with additional tools being frequently added making it your perfect pocket sized toolbox.

In addition to containing an interactive ‘Address Book‘ providing full direct contact details for Nylacasts strategic worldwide locations. Nyla-App also features a ‘Logic‘ tab, which is the perfect way to refresh your mind and offer light brain training exercises on the move where ever you are.

For over four decades Nylacast have been pioneering bespoke engineering polymers and components with many value adding qualities and characteristics. This includes self lubrication, lightweight and an exceptional resistance to abrasion and impact, in addition to corrosion and chemical resistance to name but a few. These qualities facilitate the enhanced performance of many applications within key industries, as well as significantly reducing the need for routine and costly maintenance and machine downtime.

Nyla-App is available for a range of Smartphones and Tablets and can be found in both the App Store and the Android Market. Download Nyla-App today to equip you with the power of endless applications at your fingertips.

Notes to editors:
Nylacast Ltd

Established in 1967, Nylacast have over 45 years experience in operating within the engineering plastics sector. Nylacast are a company that pride themselves on being able to provide the customer with a complete Engineering Solution. With world class Engineering expertise and state of the art manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and sales facilities strategically located world-wide, Nylacast hold the ability to provide world renowned engineering solutions to a global customer base.

Working to the high quality standards of ISO 29001:2011 Oil & Gas, IS0 9001, TS 16949 and ISO 14001, Nylacast operate in a variety of key industries including Automotive, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Construction, Mining, Pharmaceutical and Defence, to name but a few.

For more information please contact Junaid Makda on +44-(0)116-276-8558
Email: engineer@nylacast.com
Web: http://www.nylacast.com

Twitter: @Nylacast
Youtube: NylacastTV
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/people/nylacast/


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