Over the past decade as overall costs in Asia have soared, a growing number of American companies have moved their production back to North America, whether the US or Mexico.

This reshoring and nearshoring manufacturing trend is the subject of Entrada Group’s latest podcast: “Bring it Home – How the US and Mexico Share Common Ground on Manufacturing.”
An important question: “How many jobs have reshored?” is answered in this podcast, hosted by Entrada Group’s Doug Donahue, VP of Business Development, and Harry Moser, Founder and President of The Reshoring Initiative. Moser reveals how the offshoring of manufacturing to Asia, which resulted in an average net loss of 150,000 American jobs per year a decade ago, has shifted to today’s reality. He also discusses the role of Mexico.

“The US is unambiguously better off with work coming back from Asia to Mexico than it is with the work staying in Asia,” Moser says. “ He adds: “if you can’t get the work back to the US from China or India and you can get, say, part of it to Mexico and part of it to the US, it’s better for the US to be part of the winning team then all of the losing team.” This podcast explores some of the statistics behind his sentiment.

Moser and Donahue detail the US states and regions to which companies are reshoring. They also investigate the skills shortage – both perception and reality – in the US as jobs return, looking at the readiness of a workforce that has, in many cases, moved past manufacturing.

Moser, who serves as a leading industry spokesman for reshoring and for developing the skilled manufacturing workforce required by reshoring, reveals in the podcast insight into one industry that is, surprisingly, reshoring at the highest rate of all. Moser, who has over 45 years of manufacturing industry experience, has both a personal and family background in the sector, through his father and grandfather. He joined the IndustryWeek Manufacturing Hall of Fame in 2010, the year he founded The Reshoring Initiative.

About Entrada Group
Headquartered in Texas, Entrada Group owns and manages manufacturing campuses in Mexico that support small and midsized international manufacturers seeking to enhance their competitiveness in global markets. Entrada enables its client members to swiftly and easily establish production in Mexico by assisting with the strategic, legal and practical requirements of setting up operations, delivering ongoing General and Administrative services and providing common benefits for the entire manufacturing campus community. These include increased security, operational efficiencies, reduced costs through economies of scale, local and federal advocacy, and more. As a result, Entrada client members are free to focus fully on their key competency: manufacturing great products.

You may download the podcast audio file and transcript at www.entradagroup.com/podcasts (registration required).


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