LoggerHead Tools' Bionic Wrench® makes a great gift and supports American workers.

This holiday season, with unemployment still up and the economy still down, we should think about three factors for gift-giving: quality, usefulness, and buying products Made in America, like all products from LoggerHead Tools. Every American-made product that you buy helps keep an American employed – and that helps all of us.
American made means you’re getting a quality-controlled product made by an American worker in a socially and environmentally responsible way. When you give a gift made in the USA, you’re doing right by the recipient and right by the guy or gal on the assembly line too.

The LoggerHead Bionic Wrench® is a prime example of just such a gift that uniquely fulfills that “dual purpose” gift giving experience. Winner of over 10 international design awards, it gave rise to a whole new class of adjustable wrenches with patented gripping technology – great for those less skilled at handling tools, or for those with arthritis or compromised gripping strength. Read: the elderly, students going off to college, young apartment dwellers, and generally any homeowner working on the weekend to-do list. The Bionic Wrench® is the brainchild of Dan Brown, an American inventor with over 30 U.S. patents and the president of LoggerHead Tools in Chicago – and it’s manufactured exclusively by Penn United Technologies Inc., in Pennsylvania.

Brown is committed to manufacturing all of his LoggerHead Tool products in the USA – as evidenced by the “Made in the USA” emblem on top of the LoggerHead website. “Manufacturing jobs are an essential part of our economy,” he says. “If we all make a conscious effort to buy Made in the USA, we’ll do a lot to help out the people in this country who are worried about their jobs.”

Winner of the Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award, the International Forum Design Award, and the Red Dot Award of Best of the Best for Pioneering Design, among many others, the Bionic Wrench® can be purchased online at the Loggerhead website for less than $30, and on QVC and participating Sears, Walmart, Amazon.com, Ace Hardware, Orchard Supply, and many more outlets.

For more information, to receive a sample, or to schedule an interview with Dan Brown, contact Ann Baker at 213-785-8835, or Ann@NetMarketing-123.com.
Contact: Ann Baker
Phone: 213-785-8835


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