dorsaVi releases new White Paper Comparative Study using ViSafe technology.

Medical device company, dorsaVi Ltd, today released its latest White Paper Comparative Study, looking into the impact of workplace back injuries and the use of their ViSafe technology by construction business, VINCI Construction UK, to objectively assess high risk tasks with hard data.

Work-related injuries are a US$250 billion problem in the United States, with lower back injuries accounting for nearly 20% of workplace injuries across the US, UK and Australia.

More than solely economic implications, work-related injuries have a huge personal, social and cultural impact on the workplace, and therefore businesses that look to improve their workers’ physical safety also improve the overall health and wellbeing of the business itself.

dorsaVi’s White Paper presents the latest success story with VINCI Construction UK, who employed ViSafe technology in the workplace to collect real-time data, ultimately proving the efficacy of the EcoSpot mortar board system in reducing workers’ risk of lower back injury.

ViSafe, dorsaVi’s innovative wireless sensor technology that tracks and measures how people move in real time, was worn by bricklayers during their working day on site, with workers using the traditional mortar board and then using the EcoSpot mortar board.

The resulting data spoke for itself, and provided the hard evidence that VINCI Construction UK needed to adopt the EcoSpot system:

  • Time spent with back bent over 20 degrees reduced by up to 85%
  • Up to 84% reduction in low back muscle activation
  • Repetition of higher risk movements reduced by up to 70%
  • 17% increase in productivity, measured in bricks per minute

Andrew Ronchi, CEO of dorsaVi, says: ‘Most organisations know the importance of effective OH&S practices, yet many struggle to prove the efficacy of one system over another. That’s where ViSafe can help, measuring human movement in a way that provides companies with real-time, easy-to-interpret data, removing all of the guesswork.’

‘In the case of VINCI Construction UK, ViSafe allowed an objective comparison between two systems and showed the obvious benefit of one over another. This kind of data-driven decision making should be at the core of all organisations looking to improve their workers’ health and the health of their business overall.’

Safety doesn’t always have to come at the cost of profitability – in fact, both safety and productivity can improve simultaneously, as was the case with VINCI Construction UK. dorsaVi’s unique technologies are helping businesses verify new methods of working that are better, safer and more efficient.

Click here to download dorsaVi’s latest White Paper Comparative Study in full.

About dorsaVi
dorsaVi (ASX:DVL) is an ASX company focused on developing innovative motion analysis device technologies for use in elite sports, occupational health and safety, and clinical applications. dorsaVi believes its wearable sensor technology enables – for the first time – many aspects of detailed human movement and position to be accurately captured, quantified and assessed outside a biomechanics lab, in both real-time and real situations for up to 24 hours.