Safer Internet Day is here with this year’s theme being “Together for a better internet.”

The day overall is meant to empower others to use the internet responsibly. With internet usage being a part of daily life and useful for work for many, many are looking for ways to find a safe way to use the internet. Expert commentary is offered below on how those working remotely can create a safe environment for themselves and others.

Terry Storrar, Managing Director, Leaseweb UK:

“The Internet is an integral part of our daily lives and our reliance on it as a society has grown rapidly in recent years. However, this dependence also brings exposure to risk; it is now critical that we enforce robust security protocols to keep connected individuals and organizations safe.

Threat actors are constantly on the lookout for new ways to infiltrate and wreak havoc on an organization’s operations. However, the Internet is now so ubiquitous that its security is not just a corporate responsibility; everyone has a part to play in Internet safety.

Organizations can best contribute by providing company-wide cybersecurity training, promoting Internet safety best practices and working in partnership with the wider community to endorse good Internet habits. Internally, employers should be implementing strong cybersecurity tools to ensure responsible Internet usage. Individuals too must step up to good security practices – even simple tasks like updating passwords can make all the difference.

Particularly in a remote work environment, businesses should do everything they can to create a safe environment. One of the first things is to ensure that employees are making use of robust Internet security software that includes firewalls, pop-up blockers, vulnerability scanning, and email spam filters.

Keeping the Internet safe requires a combination of tactics at an individual, organizational, national and global level. By deploying company-wide tools, promoting employee best practices and working as a global network, businesses can go a long way in combating those that seek to make the Internet dangerous.”

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