BRACHIN LLC introduces ERP Genie™ an integrated ERP, MES and supply chain software solution.

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ERP Genie™ provides real-time visibility to all areas of a manufacturing business from the manufacturing  floor to the executive floor for a cost of less than $250,000. The available deployment models are On-Premise, Cloud Hosted or SaaS. With ERP Genie™, management can track real-time production monitoring such as OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), manufacturing capacity and capability impacting scheduling and promised delivery dates. ERP Genie™ is the ideal solution for:

  • Discreet, repetitive manufacturing
  • Highly regulated industries with compliance requirements
  • Automotive, Aerospace and Medical
  • Plastics, Injection Molding, Metal Stamping
  • Food and Beverage
  • Industrial Equipment.

ERP Genie™ is designed to solve manufacturing challenges and help you to:

  • Quickly scale to meet growth demands
  • Increase efficiency
  • Eliminate unnecessary downtime
  • Enhance manufacturing production and performance
  • Improve supply chain visibility

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What you get from the ERP Genie™ Comprehensive Manufacturing ERP Solution

  • A single development vision for all ERP, manufacturing, MES, and Supply Chain requirements
  • Single point of contact for all technical support
  • Consistent user interface
  • One set of tables in an embedded Oracle database
  • Transactions updated instantly throughout the entire system, in real-time.
  • Single maintenance agreement
  • One development team
  • Lower overall cost of investment
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Quicker ROI

Eliminate Hidden Costs of Third Party (“best of breed”) MES and ERP Integration

  • Higher implementation costs associated with programming the “integration” of the disparate systems
  • Time delay when transferring data between applications and databases
  • Finger pointing when it comes to identifying a system problem
  • Multiple maintenance agreements
  • Multiple points of software support
  • Higher maintenance fees
  • Multiple databases that create a complex, problematic system architecture
  • Problems and inconsistencies when creating reports across multiple databases
  • Multiple vendors with different business strategies and visions
  • Incompatible upgrades

The benefits of a single, comprehensive, industry-specific MES and ERP software solution are endless.

BRACHIN LLC is also hiring professionals with Supply Chain business experience not just SAP skills. BRACHIN LLC is seen a great demand for SAP EWM skills. The growth of SAP EWM is partly driven by the surge in ecommerce. That growth is creating demand for logistics and warehouse business transformations.

For more information, please contact on BRACHIN LLC:
Amber Kelly

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