The new name reflects growth and integration into complete turn-key solution provider in the plastic and paper industry.

BEAVERTON, Michigan – Brown Machine Group, the world’s leading provider of forming, tooling and automation solutions for the global packaging industry, announces that it is changing its name to BMG to reflect its growth and market position as a leading global turn-key solutions provider for the plastic and paper packaging industry.

Brown Machine Group was originally created with the purpose of unifying a collection of industrial brands into one family. The company has grown steadily, including by recently acquiring GN Thermoforming. The company’s new branding as BMG brings together the companies already owned by Brown Machine Group under one consistent name.

“BMG is Brown, Lyle, GN, Freeman, NAS and aXatronics. Brown Machine Group was already being shortened to BMG both externally and internally, and we believe the change is more inclusive to our family of brands and is easy  for our customers to identify and remember,” explains Greg Wolf, BMG’s President and CEO. “BMG is our umbrella, and each brand can talk about solutions across the portfolio to fit customer needs. Together, BMG represents experience, innovation, and superior customer service, with a reputation for delivering solutions to improve consistency, productivity, and profitability. We look forward to building on BMG’s solid foundation in future growth through acquisition.”

In conjunction with the name change, BMG has aligned its businesses into three core areas to serve its customers:

  • BMG FORMING SOLUTIONS, which offers a wide variety of sizes and capabilities for thermoforming machines through the Brown, Lyle, and GN product offerings;
  • BMG TOOLING SOLUTIONS, which offers forming, trim, form-fill seal and contact heat tooling by Freeman and GN;
  • BMG AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS, which offers robotic material handling and packaging automation by integrating NAS and Axatronics products.

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About BMG
BMG in Beaverton, MI, is a global leader in thermoforming, tooling and automation with best-in-class quality and innovative product lines. It designs and manufactures a complete line of continuous thermoforming equipment, tooling, material handling and packaging automation, robotics, and related services including system upgrades, prototyping, process optimization, and technical support. Its equipment has been “Made in North America” for nearly 70 years, with systems operating in over 70 countries serving customers worldwide. Visit for more information.