Caster Concepts announces the launch of the 97 and 97 HD Series, a new line of maintenance-free casters that give manufacturers flexibility.

caster concepts maintenance-free casters

ALBION, MI – Caster Concepts Inc. ( announces the launch of the 97 and 97 HD Series, a new line of maintenance-free casters that give manufacturers flexibility, easier cart movement and battery power savings.

The 97 and 97 HD casters easily maneuver around tight corners, reduce the drain on motor-powered platforms, and carry between 10,000 and 20,000 pounds per caster, respectively. They’re the newest muscle in motor-powered material handling.

“Our 97 and 97 HD Series are a direct result of customer demand. Motor-powered material handling systems are trending, and these casters fit perfectly with what these systems aim to accomplish: moving heavier loads with less effort,” said Bill Dobbins, President and CEO of Caster Concepts Inc.

The 97 HD Series was initially designed for the innovative Omni-Directional Drive system unveiled in 2020 by Conceptual Innovations, a Caster Concepts company. Engineers developed the ideal solution for moving heavier loads on automatic guided vehicles (AGV) without requiring a larger drive system or draining battery power.

The casters feature an ergonomic swivel-on-swivel design popular on many Caster Concepts products, making them easier to pull and push. For people-powered lifts and carts, they reduce workplace injuries. For motor-powered systems, the 97 and 97 HD casters save battery life, reduce motor torque and allow for more precise forward/back movements with little vehicle sway.

The launch of this new caster reaffirms Caster Concepts’ commitment to developing products to keep up with customers’ demands. 

“We’re happy to have our workforce at full capacity and producing needed materials for manufacturers across all industries. The AGV market is an area where we can showcase our expertise to help customers realize savings while increasing productivity,” Dobbins said.

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