Offshoring & Reshoring Trends

In the early 2000s, companies flocked to China as a prime manufacturing location – a trend fueled by low labor costs, quick product turnaround and seemingly endless production capacity. At the height of this trend, many felt offshoring to China…

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VT Halter Marine

Impressive Vessels

VT Halter Marine is where marine transportation companies go to receive state-of-the-art service in the design, construction and launch of world-class ships. Lorie Greenspan takes a look at what makes the company stand out from the rest.

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Consequences of Using Non-Frozen Delivery Systems Putting Biopharmaceutical Cargo at Risk

Patient access to medicines is a key objective of the pharmaceutical industry with significant resources devoted to supply chain management and patient safety.

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American Trucking Associations

Addressing America’s Truck Driver Shortage

America’s trucking industry has long been—quite literally—the engine behind its economy, transporting large quantities of raw materials, works in progress, and finished goods all across the country for the last 60 years or so, acting as the middle man between…

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Reinventing the Wheels

Multivans is a manufacturer of dry freight and refrigerated truck bodies, cube vans, and lift gate distributor based in Ontario, Canada. David Soyka reports on this company’s recently expanded manufacturing capabilities as part of its push into regional northeast U.S.…

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JAXUSA Partnership

Heating Up: Jacksonville’s Growing Prosperity

When looking across the United States at regional areas that serve as major drivers of industrial growth and overall economic prosperity, the city of Jacksonville and its surrounding counties are often (unfairly) left off the list. While it has long…

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JRL Marine Concepts

A History of Success

For nearly 40 years, Marine Concepts has served the marine industry and beyond with some of the most precise, high-quality composite tooling solutions available. Combining a talented, experienced workforce with innovative leadership, the company is hitting a new stride in…

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Craig Technologies

Mission Controls

Cape Canaveral is the space hub of Florida, where Craig Technologies operates in a 160,000-square-foot facility with 2,000 pieces of equipment engineered to deliver space-age technologies in combination with old-fashioned quality and customer service. Anticipated to triple in size over…

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DEL Equipment

Body Builders

A leader in the design and manufacture of custom/standard dump truck bodies, and truck equipment up-fitting, Diesel Equipment Ltd. (DEL) has commanded a top spot in an ever-changing industry through velocity and an innovative spirit. Lorie Greenspan tells the story…

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Virginia Manufacturers Association

VA Manufacturing: Crafting Long-Term Success

The state of Virginia has long served as one of the regional cornerstones of the United States, most notably due to its role in igniting and sustaining important sectors of the nation’s economy throughout its history.

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Incentive Solutions

Using Incentives to Build Distributor Loyalty

As a manufacturer, if you make up less than 10% of your distributors' product mix, you are not getting the attention of management or, more importantly, sales representatives.

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Building a Platform

It's been 30 years since the Haulotte Group was consolidated, and over that time the company has progressed and evolved to the point where today it stands as the world’s third largest designer and manufacturer of aerial work platforms.

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