Enterprise multi-carrier shipping solution streamlines hazmat shipping process supporting business growth while reducing supply chain risk.

(Chicago, IL) – Labelmaster, the leading provider of labels, packaging and technology for the safe and compliant transport of dangerous goods (DG) and hazardous materials (hazmat), today announced the integration of its Dangerous Goods Information System (DGIS) with Creative Logistics Solutions (CLS), a leading provider of enterprise multi-carrier shipping software. The partnership provides a seamless solution for managing the entire DG shipping process and ensures compliance with the latest regulations.

Founded in 1995, CLS develops and implements multi-carrier shipping solutions for high-volume shipping operations, including e-commerce companies, retailers, manufacturers, distributors and third-party logistics (3PL) providers. The company’s shipping software platform, InfoShip®/Vx, enables companies to reduce freight costs, accelerate fulfillment throughput, implement cutting-edge carrier services and technologies, and provide their customers with highly reliable delivery services.

“In today’s dynamic and competitive supply chain market, shippers need a seamless, end-to-end shipping solution that drives operational efficiencies and provides peace of mind that shipments are compliant with the latest regulations,” Malcolm Johnson, vice president, strategy and business development, Creative Logistics Solutions. “Integrating DGIS enables organizations to automate and streamline their shipping processes by providing all of the necessary DG shipping forms and rules within the InfoShip/Vx platform. This eliminates the need for companies to decouple DG shipping from their traditional shipping workflows and processes, and the need for them to learn and manage multiple user interfaces.”

With the integration of DGIS into CLS’ InfoShip/Vx shipping software, users will be able to automatically create compliant shipping documents, labels and more within a single interface. DGIS validates DG data against the latest rules and regulations, reducing the risk of a rejected shipment or fines due to noncompliance. Furthermore, seamless integration eliminates the need for organizations to reenter DG data into multiple systems, streamlining the shipping process and collecting important shipping data in a centralized location, while reducing the risk of errors often found with manual reentering data.

“Shipping dangerous goods can be complex and challenging. As a result, companies often tend to shy away from shipping DG or, in some cases, may not even be aware that they’re shipping hazmat,” said Kristen Dapore, director business strategy, Labelmaster. “Having a compliant shipping solution in place will enable organizations—whether large global enterprises or small ecommerce companies—to grow and add dangerous goods SKUs into their inventory mix without worrying about compliance. Companies adding those products will be able to begin shipping them quickly and efficiently and scale their operations more easily, while taking proactive steps to mitigate risk and avoid supply chain disruptions.”

To learn more about how improve your dangerous goods shipping, visit www.Labelmaster.com

About Creative Logistics Solutions
Creative Logistics Solutions (CLS), founded in 1995, develops and implements multi-carrier shipping solutions for high-volume shipping operations. CLS customers include e-commerce companies, retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and 3PLs. The company’s highly configurable shipping software platform, InfoShip/Vx, enables companies to reduce freight costs and increase shipping volume throughput, using cutting-edge tools and technologies and support for all major parcel, regional, LTL, and TL carriers. For more information, please visit www.creativelogistics.com.

About Labelmaster
For more than five decades, Labelmaster has been the go-to source for companies – big and small – to navigate and comply with the complex, ever-changing regulations that govern the transport of dangerous goods and hazardous materials. From hazmat labels and UN-certified packaging, hazmat placards and regulatory publications, to advanced technology and regulatory training, Labelmaster’s comprehensive offering of industry-leading software, products, and services helps customers remain compliant with all dangerous goods regulations, mitigate risk and maintain smooth, safe operations. Labelmaster’s dedication to supporting its customers’ operational and compliance needs is enhanced through its unmatched industry expertise and consulting services, which serve as a valuable resource for customers to answer difficult and commonplace regulatory questions. Whether you’re shipping hazardous materials by land, air, or sea, Labelmaster is your partner in keeping your business ahead of regulations and compliant every step of the way. To learn more, visit www.labelmaster.com.


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