Now Intel computing power, in addition to Dell, Azure, AWS, Seagate and others, will be available on the fly as part of’s platform.

Santa Clara, CA today announced the release of Metacloud Marketplace, an SaaS AI infrastructure enabling AI developers to launch on multi-cloud, on-prem, colocation, edge, GPUs or CPUs with a single click to optimize and accelerate AI/ML workflows.   This flexible, open infrastructure enables developers for the first time to run AI/ML workloads on a mix of infrastructure and hardware choices, even within the same AI/ML workflow pipeline. Initial partners include Intel, AWS, Dell, Kubernetes, Supermicro, Lenovo, Google, and Seagate, with more to follow.

Many AI projects are stalled due to the limitations of the existing IT infrastructure.  Organizations need the ability to choose the best of breed compute and cloud solution for each model based on its unique requirements and each architecture’s cost/performance/compatibility trade-offs.  Since AI offerings are rapidly evolving,  data science teams also want the ability to utilize the latest product offering on demand.

“Metacloud Marketplace accelerates innovation by eliminating vendor lock-in” said Sandra Rivera, EVP of Data Center and AI Group at Intel Corporation. “Each AI project has its own performance requirements and by providing the freedom to choose the best environment AI developers can reduce time to market, improve model performance, reduce costs, and experiment with newly announced, pre-production and cutting-edge technologies.”

Metacloud Marketplace enables methodologies such as BYOC (Bring Your Own Compute) and BYOS (Bring your Own Storage) by delivering a simple portal to launch AI/ML using any hardware or storage service. Users simply create an account, select the AI/ML infrastructure to run their project (any public cloud, on-prem, colo, dev cloud, pre-release hardware and more), and run the project.  Metacloud Marketplace is provided as part of, a Kubernetes-based full stack machine learning operating system that includes everything data scientists and developers need to build and deploy AI applications.

 “AI/ML workload mobility is critical, as heterogeneous hardware is evolving fast, and there is no one-size-fits-all”, said  Erez Baum, Head of Lyve Cloud at Seagate. “Experimentation, iterations and flexible development/deployment models will rule until the market matures and Metacloud Marketplace offers this instant flexibility that’s needed.”

“Predicting the future of AI/ML workloads is nearly impossible. We want the agility of moving between infrastructure types and experimenting with new platform as soon as it is pre-production, with relocating our projects and environment to a new one”, said Lior Sagie, CEO at Wargaming. “ is tried and battle-hardened platform we use for all our AI/ML workloads, and with Metacloud Marketplace we have the bonus of one-click access to any ML/AI infrastructure – the best offering for our fast pace, agile strategy”.

“Metacloud Marketplace is a breakthrough supporting AI innovation and Seagate Technology is excited to be a pioneer in this new frontier by enabling any AI developer simple access to our world class cloud storage services to improve AI outcomes.”  says Erez Baum, Head of Lyve Cloud at Seagate.

“AI has yet to meet its potential due to all the operational complexities, and the future of machine learning is dependent on the ability to deploy seamlessly using the best infrastructure available”, said Yochay Ettun, CEO and Co-Founder of “The Metacloud Marketplace is open and flexible for the successful development of AI so enterprise can realize the benefits of machine learning sooner.”

Metacloud is available for users at, please sign-up at

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