Cloud-based identity leader LoginRadius publishes an annual report on 2020 trends in consumer identity by analysing 1.17 billion consumers.

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA: LoginRadius Inc., a pioneer in cloud-based user identity and access management, released its annual Customer Identity Trends Report, following a comprehensive review of consumer activity on its network, which securely manages over one billion digital identities worldwide.

The result shows that while standard email login is the most common form of user authentication, passwordless login is quick to make a mark among consumers as a user-friendly way to log in.

“The onboarding experience of the users is absolutely important. If you can’t make it count they ‘re never going to log in again,” said Rakesh Soni, co-founder and CEO of LoginRadius. “The authentication process will increase the conversion rate as quickly and smoothly as possible, and attract happy customers.”

Loyal clients are important assets for any enterprise. And the first step to contact them is via on-board registration, followed by seamless authentication. The LoginRadius Digital Identity Trends report provides a comprehensive overview of how customers wish to connect to brands in order to have a flawless digital experience.

Executive Summary

When customers are drawn to online channels with changing technology metrics, companies need to find out about their customer behaviour and focus on growing competition across all industry verticals.

This study will provide companies with a detailed overview of the patterns of customer identity in 2020 through an aggregate review of 1,17 billion global users represented by the LoginRadius Identity Network.

The research also provides a thorough overview of the most popular authentication methods and the performance benchmarks for identity management platforms reported between January 2019 and May 2020. Here’s a snapshot of key study results defined as:

login options

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Key Terminology Used

Consumer Identity Trends Observed on the LoginRadius Platform

A brief overview of Standard Login Trends

Registration Forms

Forgotten Password

Username vs. Email ID

Passwordless Login Trends

Passwordless Login

A brief overview of Multi-Factor Authentication Trends

SMS vs. Mobile App

Multi-Factor Authentication Adoption

Return Rate Comparison

Login Preferences

Login Preference by End-Users

Social Login Preference by End-Users Login Preference by Businesses Performance Benchmarks Authentication Token


Who Is the Report for and How to Request a Copy

The Customer Digital Identity Development Study 2020 is highly recommended for professionals from the B2C corporate C-suite, IAM professionals and product managers. The report is available for download here.

About LoginRadius
LoginRadius is a leading cloud-based user identity and access management (CIAM) system that empowers businesses to deliver a friendly customer experience and gain consumer trust.

The developer-friendly Identity Framework provides a comprehensive collection of APIs that support authentication, identity verification, single-sign-on, user management and account security capabilities on any web or mobile application, such as multi-factor authentication. The company offers open source SDKs, integrations with more than 150 third-party frameworks, pre-designed and customizable user interfaces and high quality data protection products. The app is already loved by over 3,000 companies with a monthly scope of 1.17 billion users around the world.

The company has been named a leading industry leader in customer identity and access management (CIAM) by Gartner, KuppingerCole and Computer Weekly. Microsoft is an important business partner and investor.