DronaHQ, the cloud-based No-Code App development platform, announces the availability of On-premises and Private Cloud Deployment options.

Mumbai, India – DronaHQ, the cloud-based No-Code App development platform, announces the availability of On-premises and Private Cloud Deployment options for the apps built on its platform. With this, DronaHQ enables organizations to directly manage the often complicated and lengthy maintenance of applications and processes in their own secure environments, either on-premises or in a private virtual cloud deployment. As the world moves to a more SaaS culture, on-premises solutions are becoming less common. However, there is a need for this solution for enterprise organizations and government entities.

“Enterprises with rigid data security protocols and restrictions often have difficulties in realizing the full benefits of SaaS platforms and cloud-based no-code initiatives. Now, with on-premises and private cloud deployment options, a whole new segment of customers will be able to fully utilize DronaHQ’s powerful no-code platform with its database, drag and drop builder, workflow and automation engine, and be able to deploy apps and run them in their own secure environments,” says DronaHQ Co-founder Jinen Dedhia.

DronaHQ specializes in enterprise no-code application development with a vast experience of serving enterprise customers for over 13 years. The vast industry experience allows the company to create enterprise customer-centric capabilities. With this deployment capability, DronaHQ solves the problem for the security concerned enterprises who ask for private cloud options so that they are in control over their data and its security while adhering to any regulatory and legal requirements they might have in place.

DronaHQ enables business users and developers to collaborate and build custom enterprise applications without coding. DronaHQ’s platform is highly flexible, allowing you to deploy small, focused solutions or scale enterprise deployments supporting millions of users and processes. With intuitive, easy-to-use tooling, it allows organizations to build simple to complex workflow applications – without requiring coding expertise.

Also, a big announcement for customers is the new Usage-based pricing plans announced by the company on July 21st, 2020. “For applications where the app usage is minimal and user-base is flexible, usage-based pricing offers great value for the customers. They pay for the services they use.” explained Jinen in the official announcement on their website.

The on-premises and private cloud deployment options are offered to DronaHQ Enterprise Plan customers only. DronaHQ also announced new usage-based pricing plans For more information please visit https://www.dronahq.com or write to inquiries@dronahq.com.