Extends battery-testing capabilities to electric vehicles, energy storage systems and beyond.

ATLANTA – Energy Assurance LLC, a provider of cell and battery testing for performance, regulatory compliance and failure analysis, announced today its acquisition of a 20,000-square-foot lab that will enable it to expand into large-format cell testing for the electric/hybrid automotive and energy storage system industries, as well as for other high-current applications. Already a leader in small- to medium-format battery testing, the acquisition further extends Energy Assurance’s capacity to close to 3,000 cell and battery test channels with the ability to test lithium ion and other chemistry cells and batteries up to 150V and 1350A.

Combined with Energy Assurance’s testing lab in Metro Atlanta, the acquisition makes it the largest independent battery-testing lab in North America as well as one of the largest globally.

Maia Research predicts the value of the global automotive battery-testing market could be $2.22B USD by 2027. The CAGR of automotive battery testing is expected to be 29% from 2021 to 2027.

The acquired world-class lab, utilizing all MACCOR channels, was previously owned by a leading battery cell manufacturer for automotive use, with its cell test center based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. With more than 100 years of combined large-format cell-testing experience, the manufacturer’s validation engineers and technicians are being welcomed into the Energy Assurance team.

“As the market for larger and more energy-dense batteries grows exponentially, so does the demand for testing to support the growth, making the timing right for this acquisition,” said Cindy Millsaps, CEO of Energy Assurance. “With our expanded capabilities, automakers and energy storage system providers now have an unbiased, third-party resource for battery testing. The acquisition dramatically increases our high-current cycling capacity, and we can now test the full gamut of lithium-ion cells for high-performance products—from small to large and from low to high current—within our facilities.” 

Founded by Millsaps and John Copeland, both former Motorola test lab engineers, Energy Assurance has averaged a greater than 50 percent YOY growth rate since 2018.

About Energy Assurance
Energy Assurance, LLC is a provider of cell and battery testing for performance, safety/regulatory, and failure analysis as well as engineering services for the battery industry. The company focuses on all sizes of high-performance lithium-ion cells and batteries up to 150V and 1350A, enabling it to service all industries where batteries are used for portable power and now electric/hybrid automotive and energy storage systems. To learn more about Energy Assurance, including its testing services, certifications, and accreditations, please visit www.energy-assurance.com.