Create molds in-house with desktop 3D printers to produce low-volume small parts using benchtop injection molder for production plastics.

Talk about breaking the mold!  Machining custom-designed metal molds can be expensive and time-consuming. How you’re used to producing parts isn’t how you should be producing them any more.  Formlabs, maker of powerful yet affordable 3D desktop printers and Gaomb, Inc., manufacturer of benchtop injection molding machines, partner to demonstrate how you can make small low-volume (10 to 100)  final functional parts for your plastics production process.  This whitepaper describes the production of various small injection molded thermoplastic parts molds to produce parts in a variety of materials, along with a set of design guidelines for your ongoing reference. Learn how you can adopt a more agile manufacturing approach that enables your engineers and designers to easily modify molds and iterate their designs with lower lead times and cost. (