Future Food Cast focuses on upcoming challenges and opportunities in the world of food: from commerce and tech to law and more.

Atlanta, Georgia – Farm to Plate, a blockchain-based SaaS solution for the food industry, today announces the launch of Future Food Cast powered by Farm to Plate. The podcast series focuses on emerging technology and innovation in the food industry. 

“Whether you are a retailer, a foodie, a farmer, or a brand, you’re sure to pick up eye-opening actionable insights while listening to the Future Food Cast powered by Farm to Plate,” says host Chris Raczkowski, an expert in technology, development, and environments, human, animal wellbeing. “Future Food Cast powered by Farm to Plate provides listeners expert analysis on some of the most fascinating and challenging issues related to food today,” Raczkowski adds.

Future Food Cast powered by Farm to Plate will cover a wide range of insights and trends and expert interviews on topics including:

  • Concerns about product traceability
  • Trends such as meat-free and vegan diets
  • Increases in regulations and their operational impact
  • E-commerce in the food industry and online/offline interactions
  • Complications of venture management in the food industry

To learn more from today’s leaders about tomorrow’s food challenges and opportunities, visit the list of recent episodes and check out Future Foodcast’s YouTube channel.

The Future Food Cast podcast is now available for download on SoundCloud,  Spotify and iTunes.

About Future Food cast
The Future Food Cast  podcast series offers expert interviews, insights, and trend analysis from global food industry leaders on the food challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

About Farm to Plate
Farm to Plate is a blockchain-based SaaS solution for the food industry providing end-to-end secure track-and-trace with complete transparency. The platform allows all stakeholders in the food production ecosystem (farmers, producers, distributors, retailers, consumers) to track materials with differentiating features such as micro-tipping/micro-payments.

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