GigaSpaces InsightEdge combined with HPE Superdome Flex result in 99% of queries being executed in less than one millisecond.

NEW YORK — GigaSpaces, the leading provider of in-memory computing platforms that drive digital transformation, announced today performance metrics demonstrating that GigaSpaces InsightEdge combined with a HPE Superdome Flex server from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), delivers faster insights and mission-critical reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) capabilities that scale with enterprise data processing and analytics business needs. Performance benchmarks revealed that in more than 99% of the cases, latency was less than one millisecond for a data query.

“Service-level agreements are ever-increasing across industries, requiring faster insights that can quickly unlock value for more efficient operations and superior customer experiences. High-performance and scale for extreme transactional and analytical processing are critical to achieving these outcomes,” said Jeff Kyle, vice president and general manager, Mission Critical Solutions at HPE. “Our latest performance testing with GigaSpaces demonstrated that by combining GigaSpaces InsightEdge with HPE Superdome Flex servers, which are ideal for in-memory processing of real-time analytics solutions, meets the most stringent performance requirements for enterprises facing fierce competition to provide faster, more innovative and cost-effective services.”

The GigaSpaces distributed architecture is a perfect match to the HPE Superdome Flex server’s modular, scalable architecture when it comes to handling data intensive applications. Unlike traditional databases which utilize a single processor and thus are limited in terms of scaling, GigaSpaces distributed microservices platform which collocates business logic with the data, can deploy additional partitions as needed to handle more data without impacting performance.

When GigaSpaces is distributed on more partitions, ranging from 80-160,  the number of writes per second scales up to accommodate parallel processing. The CPU at 70-80% utilization supports over 210 million reads per second and 74 million writes per second.       

GigaSpaces and HPE engineering teams jointly ran more than 600 sessions over three weeks using a 12-socket HPE Superdome Flex server with GigaSpaces InsightEdge in-memory computing platform. The Yardstick open-source framework was used to collect throughput and latency metrics. 

“The joint solution between GigaSpaces and HPE accelerates digital transformation initiatives by providing the extreme processing needed to generate wiser insights faster to create a competitive edge.” said Yuval Dror, VP R&D at GigaSpaces.  “This combination provides the agility and efficiency needed to deploy low-latency, scalable, digital applications, across on-premises, cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.”

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About GigaSpaces
The GigaSpaces InsightEdge portfolio delivers fastest, scalable and easiest to deploy in-memory computing platforms to meet the most challenging enterprise data and analytics processing needs for accelerating and scaling real-time applications, analytics and operational BI on any data, at any load, across any environment. One-click integrations with on-premises and cloud operational data stores, automatic data modeling, business-policy data tiering and AI-driven autonomous scaling reduce time-to-market and ensure rapid response times and highest performance levels, with lower TCO.

Hundreds of Tier-1 and Fortune-listed organizations and OEMs across financial services, retail, transportation, telecom, healthcare, and more trust GigaSpaces for powering their mission critical services to optimize business operations, comply with regulations and enhance the customer experience. GigaSpaces offices are located in the US, Europe and Israel with partners around the globe serving customers such as Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, CSX, Goldman Sachs, Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, Avanza Bank, Avaya, Frequentis, CLSA, Groupe PSA and UBS.

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