Greasezilla® prepares to announce expanded applications and a record number of projects for 2022.

Lansing, W.Va. – Downey Ridge Environmental Company, developer of Greasezilla® FOG (fats, oils & grease) separation and processing systems will more than double the number of Greasezilla systems in operation during 2022. Greasezilla systems have been adopted industry wide, encompassing liquid waste processors, pumpers, and wastewater treatment operations. The company will open multiple sites in conjunction with global wastewater engineering firms and POTWs. Recently, SCWU Environmental Services, a SouthWest Water Company, commissioned a new South Carolina site, making it the largest installation to date for Greasezilla.           

Internationally, Greasezilla applications have spawned into the UCO (used cooking oil) and biodiesel sectors. Companies that specialize in collecting and processing UCO for biodiesel conversion are turning to Brown Grease as an available and lower-cost feedstock. Greasezilla is uniquely positioned in this market for its high-quality, low-moisture Brown Grease Advanced Biofuel (ABF) offtake.

“You can sense the urgency across many channels to manage and process FOG more efficiently while mitigating landfilling through FOG innovation,” said Brian Levine, executive vice president, Downey Ridge Environmental Company. Greasezilla’s systems have reached a pinnacle in automating the separation and Biofuel extraction process, with minimal operator intervention. Our systems sit upstream from POTWs, commercial haulers, DAF systems, biodiesel production and anaerobic digesters, with remote monitoring capabilities. Today, Greasezilla operators can watch the separation process and biofuel generation on their handhelds. Furthermore, the water, batter and Brown Grease separation layers are all being recovered and reused, truly embracing the circular economy by collecting, processing and repurposing FOG across the country. “

In addition to Greasezilla’s 2022 announcements, notable achievements in 2021 include the development of an international fuel distribution network. The network manages resale of its advanced biofuel (ABF) byproduct on behalf of its customers. With Greasezilla systems producing Brown Grease ABF in every region of the country, the service network offers Greasezilla’s clients a proven channel that provides the best value for their commodity. Greasezilla Fuel will ship over 1.5 million gallons of ABF through 2023.                                                                                        

About Greasezilla®
Greasezilla® is the leading cleantech provider in the FOG Separation industry. Greasezilla® is a turnkey standalone system that optimizes FOG separation while producing a high-quality Brown Grease advanced biofuel offtake. Greasezilla’s® patented technology can be used for complete separation, providing a purely ecological sound alternative to chemically treating, lagooning, landfilling, incineration or dumping FOG waste. By running entirely on five percent of the advanced biofuel it harvests, Greasezilla® eliminates fuel costs while using zero fossil fuels, making it the most cost-efficient and ecologically responsible Brown Grease separator available. For more information, please visit:

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