Chemraz® Perfluoroelastomer is specifically designed to withstand corrosive conditions.

Lansdale, PA – Greene Tweed, a leading global manufacturer of high-performance elastomers, thermoplastics, composites, and engineered components, announces that its Chemraz® SFX perfluoroelastomer has been specially engineered to withstand the corrosive environments commonly seen in subfab applications while reducing the risk to health, safety, and the environment from toxic emissions.  

Chemraz® SFX, a custom engineered FFKM, is an ideal choice for sealing system upgrades because it has been designed to withstand harsh chemicals and high temperatures encountered in subfab environments. Chemraz® SFX features broad chemical resistance to typical subfab effluents and optimized physical properties for long life in static vacuum fittings. With an operating temperature range up to 300°C/572°F, it’s available as a standard o-ring as well as a custom seal design, and dramatically improves seal performance at high temperatures.

Greene Tweed has designed a custom seal assembly specifically for use in the subfab environment, including pumps, abatement systems, and exhaust piping. The custom design, combined with Chemraz® SFX, overcomes the limitations of KF fittings, which can lead to elevated stress in seal materials and premature failures. Using the custom assembly with Chemraz® SFX also enables users to upgrade systems using conventional sealing materials (e.g., fluoroelastomers) that can no longer handle the temperatures and/or chemical exposure found in today’s subfab applications.

Chemraz® SFX matches seal performance to the application, thereby increasing productivity through reduced failures and maintenance needs. Applications include pumps, flanges, valves, and abatement systems. A high-performance perfluoroelastomer with highly temperature-resistant material and patented high-temp ISO fitting designs, Chemraz® SFX offers enhanced performance at a low cost of ownership.

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