Information on how e-learning can be of benefit.

Often, e-learning is considered something people with desk jobs do. And while it is true that if you work with your hands on a daily basis most of the learning you do will be manual, even manual laborers can learn new skills with e-learning. In this article, we give you more info on how e-learning can benefit you!

Learn all the skills needed to become self-employed

If you think it’s time to become self-employed and make money for yourself, there’s a lot that you need to know. You can be absolutely great at the services you offer and still end up in trouble because you don’t really know how to file your taxes or how to send good invoices. You can of course hire a professional to take care of your paperwork, but that might be a bit expensive if you’re first starting out … and taking weekly classes might be hard if you’re trying to build a business. Luckily for you, you can teach yourself these skills through tons of e-learning classes. Take a look online and search for a bookkeeping class with good reviews and start learning! E-learning gives you the benefit that you can start learning whenever you have some free time.

Test your knowledge with practical e-learning

Many jobs require certificates that show you’re up-to-date with all the knowledge needed to work in your industry. But because laws and regulations are regularly updated, it’s never a bad idea to check your knowledge every now and then. If you need to redo a test every few years to make sure your certificate stays valid, it might be easier to make an online test every year instead of having to relearn the entire course every few years. Check if there are any mock exams online, those can help you out a lot! In the Netherlands, for instance, employees in technical fields have to take a “VCA course”(Dutch: VCA cursus) to be able to work. To make sure they ace their exam, they can take a mock exam (Dutch: VCA proefexamen) online. If you have any skills that might need some refreshing, check if you can find any mock exams!

Learn creative skills from people in the same field

If you’re one of those people that loves to learn, the internet is a great place to discover new and interesting information and techniques. No matter the field you’re in, chances are someone has a Youtube video online about something they’ve discovered or someone has written a blog post about a struggle they’re trying to solve. Getting inspiration from your colleagues all across the globe might be super handy in your daily work. Who knows, someone might have a great solution to a problem you’ve been struggling with for a while…

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