The key is to offer unique content from what you’re already posting to increase your YouTube channel subscribers and raise brand awareness.

YouTube is home to more than one billion users who watch more than 6 billion hours of videos on the site each month. Even if you’re already sharing videos on your media site, you can still use YouTube to grow your audience and drive traffic back to your media website. The key is to offer unique content from what you’re already posting to increase your YouTube channel subscribers while raising awareness of your media brand.


Are you ready to loosen your tie and let down your hair? People love to watch bloopers and posting your bloopers is a great way to show your anchors and reporters are human with a sense of humor.

It’s not about making your TV personalities look stupid. It’s about connecting with your audience. Your team is full of professionals but they make mistakes just like everyone else. The faces of your crew become more real to your audience and that can translate to more people watching you over your competitors. To the viewer, your people become humanized and approachable. They have personalities and viewers can identify with them more easily.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look

What’s it like to see the newspaper printed? How does your web team handle the day-to-day functions of your website? Has your audience ever watched a newscast from the director’s point of view? How do your radio personalities pick their playlists for the day?

Use your YouTube channel to offer your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your media company.

Whether you run an online news site or a radio station, YouTube viewers love to know the inner workings of media companies.

Extended Interviews

Every media company runs into the problem of having a great interview they can only use portions of because of space constraints in a magazine, on TV, etc. You may have recordings or video and you want to share it. The problem is, you don’t want to post a four-hour video on your main website because your website analytics show your website can’t handle 50+ people downloading a four-hour video all at once.

Instead of taking the risk that you’ll crash your site or slow it down for your other site visitors, post the interview on YouTube. Own the interview and let your audience see more than the two-minute story you were limited to on the air. Even if you’re a publication that only has audio, it’s still an extension of your coverage so use a single image as your video as the bare minimum and let the audio play. Either way, use call to action overlays within your YouTube video so that these pop ups can encourage your audience to click through to your site and see your full coverage of the story.

Interview Your Employees

Your media site probably already has a page full of bios and employees tweeting as part of your social media campaign. However, you can use your YouTube channel as another way to introduce your staff to your audience and help them get to know the people behind your brand.

Your employees can simply talk to the camera about their interests, the biggest stories they’ve covered, why they love working in this business. Or let them interact with your audience by asking your subscribers to submit questions.

Historical Videos

Your media company has a history. Use YouTube to share your archive with your audience.

Old broadcasts, stories that were significant, even historical, promos and non-video content can all be posted on your YouTube channel. For example, your coverage of the government’s impeachment or a quick look at how your station did the news back in the 60’s are video content that will generate interest in your YouTube channel. Or create a montage of all of your news opens over the years. Viewers love to see how you’ve changed with the times. For non-video content, such as old pictures of your talent, building or equipment, you can create a slideshow to turn that content into something people will want to watch and share with others on YouTube.

Post Your Promos

Promote your people and your brand on your YouTube channel. Post your promos.

It’s easy content for you. You’re already running the promos on the air, just add them online to your channel. As people click through your other content on your channel, they’ll watch your promos too.

Viewer Videos

Ask viewers to submit their videos. They love to be in on the action and you can treat them like a part of your team.

Dedicate a section of your YouTube channel specifically for viewer videos. While you may want to allow your viewers to send in their videos that you can use on the air, you may not want some amateur videographer’s shaky shots on your official website. You can create a space on your YouTube channel that separates amateur videos away from your professionally-shot videos but still gives the viewer a way to be involved in sharing video with your station and your audience.

Develop Your Media Company

So as you can see it is not difficult to introduce a YouTube channel in order to bring your company to potential customers.

In this case, you should follow some easy to produce actions: upload bloopers; historical videos and interviews; show how you work behind the scene; post promos and viewers’ videos.

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