MoU envisages cooperation in the field of human resource development for industrial digitalization projects in the country.

The Agency for Industrial Human Resources Development of the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Finnish-Russian digital solutions provider for heavy industries, Zyfra, to cooperate in the field of human resource development for industrial digitalization projects in the country.

The scope of cooperation will include human resource development related to Industry 4.0 and providing Zyfra’s products demo and multimedia equipment at the showcase center area in Indonesia’s Digital Innovation and Capability Center (PIDI 4.0).

PIDI 4.0 is an initiative to create a network of Digital Capability Centers (DCC) to assist companies with their digital transformation, as part of the “Making Indonesia 4.0” initiative.

PIDI 4.0 centers are designed to build digital awareness and capabilities for key industrial sectors, which include automotive, chemicals, electronics, food and beverage (F&B), and textiles. It comprises of a main hub in Permata Hijau with satellite facilities around Indonesia. The Permata Hijau base consists of five centers, each focusing on drivers of Industry 4.0 adoption and showcasing the implementation of digital solutions on a simulated shopfloor.

“PIDI 4.0 Indonesia will be the one stop solution for implementing Industry 4.0 projects and the window of Indonesia 4.0 to the world,” said Pak Arus Gunawan, Head of Agency of Industrial Human Resource Development in the Ministry of Industry. “PIDI 4.0 is a unique digital manufacturing learning center which offers to companies’ managements and employees hands-on experience and workshops on how next generation technology will help them advance operations, design and productivity, and can be used at all levels of the value chain”.

“We are happy to become a part of the initiative. Zyfra’s MDCplus real-time machine monitoring and manufacturing data collection system boosts efficiency of more than 286 plants worldwide, and we are ready to share best practices with our Indonesian colleagues,” said Pavel Rastopshin, Managing Director of Zyfra. “Zyfra has also become one of the first companies to implement robotic solutions for the mining industry – autonomous mine dump trucks and drill rigs.”

An industrial equipment monitoring system is an essential component of the digital transformation of enterprises. It has proved to be in-line with the up-to-date requirements to cost effective and environmentally friendly manufacturing. MDCplus collects overall data from all types of machines and monitors energy consumption, which results in substantial increase in machine utilization and energy saving.

The Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia has the task of organizing the development of industrial Human Resources and has been initiating the Pusat Inovasi Digital Industry 4.0 (“PIDI 4.0”) initiative which includes developing the main facility in Permata Hijau, Jakarta, as well as upgrading other satellites in the country under the Ministry.

Zyfra is a Finland-based company, which provides IoT and AI-based solutions for industrial sectors. The company is operating in more than 30 countries, including Finland, Russia, China, India, Singapore, Bulgaria, Romania, and Peru.