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Anheuser-Busch InBev

Better Beer in a Better World

Anheuser-Busch InBev seeks to transform the world’s most popular brew into the most environmentally friendly.

Allied Frozen Storage

Unfrozen In Time

A third party warehousing and logistics firm operating in the cold clime of upstate New York, Allied Frozen Storage Inc. has deployed organizational inventiveness to thaw the cold-storage needs of the food industry. Dan Harvey describes how this Brockport, N.Y.…

AMF Bakery Systems

High Speed Baking

A manufacturer of high-speed equipment for the production of bread and soft rolls, AMF Bakery Systems focuses on innovation. As Rachel Hartman’s profile indicates, this concentration enabled the Virginia-based company to attain – and then maintain – an industry leading…

Sam Kane Beef Processors, Inc.

It’s What’s for Dinner

Beef is the cornerstone of the American dinner plate. In southern Texas, where numerous cattle ranches and feed yards perform what has become a part of a southwest tradition, Sam Kane Beef Processors continues a legacy of offering flavorful beef…

Day-Lee Foods, Inc.

More Than Pot (Sticker) Luck

California-based Day-Lee Foods “mainstreams” ethnic food choices. Its success significantly changed American consumers’ home menu options. No longer is Asian fare an exotic choice. Dan Harvey describes how and why.

Empresa Brasileira de Bebidas e Alimentos (EBBA)

Juice Producers

This year Brazilian fruit juice manufacturers Dafruta and Maguary were united under the company name EBBA (Empresa Brasileira de Bebidas e Alimentos); the result is one of the largest natural fruit drink suppliers in the country. With annual revenue for…

Famous Famiglia

Pizza with a Purpose

Since 1986, Famous Famiglia has been serving New York-style pizza to a growing customer base. Now with 128 locations spread throughout the United States, Mexico, Asia and Europe, the company is quickly gaining international recognition for its products, customer service…

Grupo Ypioca

The Brazilian Spirit

Still in the hands of the founding family, Ypióca is one of brzazil’s leading producers of cachaça – the alcoholic spirit made from sugar cane. Over 160 years on, the company is also one of the country’s largest groups, present…

Linde North America

Chilling with the Cool Fire

Cryogenics is a hot food and beverage direction, thanks to Linde North America LLC. Its cryogenic gases and chilling/freezing equipment provide the best of two worlds: improved food quality and enhanced production output. Dan Harvey describes how the New Jersey-based…

Casa Cuervo

Timeless Tequila

For more than 250 years, Jose Cuervo, S.A. de C.V. has harvested blue agave plants in central Mexico to produce and distribute tequila. The company leads its industry with a distribution network that reaches around the globe. Rachel Hartman reports…

ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston

Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, and More

ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston is a leading supplier of frozen potato, sweet potato, appetizer and other vegetable products. Clients include restaurants and retailers throughout the world, as Dan Harvey learned.

Dresser, Inc., Masoneilan Operations

Value for Variety

Through its lines of valves, actuators, instrumentation, and software products, Masoneilan prides itself on having a solution for all its customers’ needs. Jean Thilmany tells the story.


Flexible Mettle

The title says it all. At KOP-FLEX, flexibility at delivering global solutions, combined with a penchant for developing and producing the best couplings in the industry, have forged a character that drives the industry. Lorie Greenspan reports.


Jet Engines to Architecture – Titanium Metals

The value of titanium is becoming well known throughout the globe in applications ranging from jet engines to architecture. Titanium Metals Corporation, or TIMET, a fully integrated titanium producer, is one of the world's leaders in identifying new markets for…

Hirschfeld Steel

Steel Movers

Lorie Greenspan reports on family owned Hirschfeld Steel, one of the largest fabricators in the country. Its enduring legacy involves treating everyone like a neighbor. And it helps that the company delivers some of the highest quality steel on the…

Safeline, Inc.

Lines of Safety

Safeline is a leader in metal and contaminant detection for numerous industries. April Terreri has the story.

Polygon Company

Total Bearing

A leader at the manufacture of self-lubricating composite bearings, Polygon’s strategy has been to leap ahead of the competition by developing technologies for the future. Lorie Greenspan reports.


Portable Performance

OceanAire, Inc.’s high quality portable air conditioning products solve a wide range of heating and cooling problems. Mark Devaney reports. Inc.’s high quality portable air

Alstom Power

The power of green

With the environment front and center, manufacturers, power generators, and petrochemical companies increasingly have had to focus efforts on reducing harmful emissions. Thanks to ALSTOM’s Environmental Control Systems Business, sustaining the environment has just gotten a little easier. Lorie Greenspan…

Carnes Company

Clearing the Air | Industry Today

Some 64 years ago, the Carnes Company started out by fabricating a roof cap. As William Bunch reports, this quiet HVAC leader from central Wisconsin is now fabricating solutions for much bigger problems like indoor air pollution and high energy…

Technical Concepts


You can’t touch Technical Concepts’ advanced Touch-Free Restroom® systems. As Lorie Greenspan reports, that’s the idea behind the company’s global, multi-million dollar hygiene business that centers on a growing need for clean and safe public facilities.

Teledyne Controls

Stellar Execs

Teledyne Controls is a global leader of aircraft integrated maintenance systems, providing superior innovative information management systems to corporate and commercial aircraft. April Terreri is your flight attendant.


and then there was a Stonco

Lighting the way for commercial and industrial contractors since 1947, Stonco remains a highly visible fixture in its field, continually searching for new ways to improve illumination. Lorie Greenspan sheds light on the company’s business acumen.

Dynapower Corporation

Leading the Charge

The top, independent manufacturer of custom power supplies and cast coil transformers, Vermont-based Dynapower Corporation has fused with the new Rapid Power Corporation to create an unrivaled connection in electrical conversion systems. Barbara Kram tells how the companies control the…

Faro Technologies

Three PHD’s Capitalize on 3D

Mark Devaney reports on FARO Technologies Inc. a pioneering force in 3D measurement in manufacturing.

Palmer Manufacturing

Man over Machines

Since 1965 Palmer Manufacturing Company has been supplying competencies that call for machining highly complex, close-tolerance parts and assemblies and now its expertise is sought after by some of the biggest companies in the world. Find out how PMC utilizes…

Degussa C & I/ Aztec Peroxides

Initial Reaction

Degussa Initiators LLC was created when one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies acquired an organic peroxides maker in Ohio. The result is a comprehensive product range of initiators for polymer manufacture as well as inorganic persulfates. Barbara Kram…

Chahta Enterprises Inc.

Tribal Enterprise

Mark Devaney reports on a revolution begun by Chahta Enterprise, which has spread into one of the most remarkable socioeconomic stories of the latter part of the 20th Century.

The Schwan Food Co.

Menu for Growth

For Marvin Schwan, it was either do or die. That’s how The Schwan Food Company grew to become a powerhouse in the frozen food industry. As LAURA Q. HUGHES reports, aggressive growth remains at the top of this company’s menu.

Fountain Powerboats

Dream Boats

Fountain Powerboats, a leading powerboat manufacturer, is renowned for its styling, construction, performance and features. Come along for the cruise with April Terreri.

Lazzara Yachts

Imagine Perfection

Lazzara Yachts is producing a limited line of custom crafts that combine speed and style and a personalized support system to ensure an owner’s pleasure and confidence. Marianne Sullivan explains how this American boat-builder is capturing the attention of a…

Kato Engineering

Ship Shape

Since 1928 Kato Engineering has been supplying its own unique technology in the field of power generation. Lorie Greenspan tells how this company is able to sustain itself by supplying markets such as the military, for which it manufactures the…

Champion Bus

Driving for Excellence

A division of the mega conglomerate Thor Industries, Champion Bus dominates the small and midsize market of passenger vehicles with ease. Hop in and find out how they do it. Pat Whiteman takes you for the ride.

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