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Regional Growth Partnership

Driving The Future

On the banks of Lake Erie is Toledo, Ohio, a progressive region whose established manufacturing base is now responsible for cutting-edge innovation. Lorie Greenspan takes a look at this city, the hub for many automotive Manufacturers.

Supreme Steel

Supreme Steel | Industry Today

Other companies should have problems like The Supreme Steel Group of Companies, the leading fabricator in Western Canada, where the biggest issues are a shortage of labor and raw material for a roster of jobs that includes everything from oil…

Tecno Urbe Construciones

Building Dreams

The astute vision of a professional engineer turned a market crisis into a market opportunity. Tecno Urbe is now seeking new business outside Morelos. Susana Baumann reports.

Spintex S.A. de C.V.

Fashinable Fabrics

Making decisions to stay competitive in the Mexican textile industry can be hard and costly. Spintex moved a step forward when it achieved vertical integration in the textile industry and has not looked back. Susana Baumann reports.


Coil Coated-Steel Producer | Industry Today

Business strength is only one of dozens of attributes at Steelscape, which has just opened phase one of a four-phase steel mill complex in Shreveport, La. Lorie Greenspan reports on what makes this company and its products special.

Strick Corporation

Trail Blazers

Producing over 6,000 dry vans annually, Strick is the premier manufacturer of dry freight semi trailers. As Pat Whiteman learned, the company’s success is based on it custom capabilities, speed, customer service, innovation and a unique people driven work culture.

Riverside Cement Company

Cementing Success

A leading supplier of the highest quality cement to the West Coast for virtually all concrete and construction needs, Riverside Cement celebrates 100 years of success in a very hard business. David Soyka bonds with this California company.

Savaria Corp.

Providing a Lift

In the last couple of decades, an aging population in North America and growing awareness of the issue ofhandicapped accessibility has meant a rise in business for Savaria Concord Lifts Inc., one of the continent’s leading makers of stair and…


Coating the Industry

Now privately held, Sermatech® has increased R&D spending and laser focused its efforts on becoming perfectly aligned with its customers in the aerospace, power generation and oil and gas markets. This producer of protective coatings is taking 40 years of…

SKF Motion Technologies

SKF Motion Technologies | Industry Today

TCM, a manufacturer of precision ball screw assemblies, is part of Swedish-based SKF Group, a leading global supplier of linear motion products, customer solutions, and services in the business of rolling bearings and seals. Barbara Kram reports on how TCM’s…

Southwest Steel Casting Co.

Foreign Competition in the Steel Industry

Southwest Steel Casting Co. is an unconventional foundry with a record for quality, worker safety and protecting the environment that is second-to-none. William Bunch tells how this Texas-based firm is now taking advantage of a booming market for mining and…

Red Spot Paint

Spot On

Red Spot is a global leader in the production of ecologically sound, high performance coatings for automotive plastics. David Soyka sees how this company applies a unique global marketing strategy coupled with a highly polished customer focus.

Moran Industres, Inc.

Logistics Leaders

Moran Logistics will do “whatever it takes” to exceed customer expectations and provide them with additional profitability. Dan Harvey reports on how the family-owned, enterprise has evolved into a leading warehousing, distribution and inventory management service provider.

National Railway Equipment Company

Iron Horse Redux

National Railway Equipment Company is the world’s largest supplier of remanufactured locomotives. With nine fully equipped facilities in North America, the Illinois-headquartered company offers a full range of maintenance, repair, rebuild and remanufacturing services. Dan Harvey reports how National Railway…

Peddinghaus Corporation

The Right Angles

Peddinghaus is a company with German roots that has grown into a powerhouse of innovation when it comes to building the machines that fabricate structural steel that build a range of venues, from airports to stadiums. Lorie Greenspan reports on…

Peugeot Citroën do Brasil Automóveis Ltda.

Driving Destiny

The history of PSA Peugeot Citroën of Brazil shows more than a successful trajectory of one company in the South American automobile market. It illustrates how to achieve success by adapting to regional specificity and spreading benefits. Tito Flores tells…

Mobiliario Seating

Take a Seat

A dynamic Mexican company in the seating business isexpanding to new markets. Susana Baumann reports how Mobiliario Seating has developed credibility with international clients.

Lanco Assembly Systems

Robotic Tools

They have eyes, ears and hands and can assemble everything from an automotive system to an intricate medical device. They’re vision guided robots and they are among the newest technology offered by industry leader Lanco Assembly Systems as Lorie Greenspan…

MD Helicopter

MD Helicopter | Industry Today

On the verge of bankruptcy MD helicopters has gotten a second chance to reclaim stardom through the help of a new CEO who is changing the industry and advanced technology that places its machines at the forefront of aviation technology.…

MicroMetl Corp.

High Circulation Business

MicroMetl Corporation is the largest independent manufacturer of accessories for commercial heating, ventilation and cooling equipment. David Soyka takes a look at what’s current with this family-owned company.

Mineras Sbinas S.A.

Tunnel Vision

Mineras Sabinas is a division of Grupo Peñoles, the world’s top producer of refined silver. The company shares the strategies and values of its parent ompany, supporting and getting involved with the community that provides for its labor force. Susana…


A Big Lift

Giving material handlers a lift in the area of forklift operation is Komatsu Forklift USA, the North American arm of Japan-based Komatsu Forklift Co., Ltd. As it advances the industry and provides safer and more ergonomically correct machines, the company…

Grupo Unipak

Packaging Pros

A unique customer service philosophy has placed this company as a leader in the Mexican packaging industry. Unipak’s commercial strategies save its clients thousands of dollars, Susana Baumann reports.

IOESA 2000

Power Structure

A 35-year old company, IOESA 2000 went into a total restructuring process in order to maintain leadership in the Mexican market. Susana Baumann reports how the company is dealing with its “growing pains.”

ITW Shippers

Air Bags – ITW Shippers | Industry Today

How can a company forestall the astronomical costs associated with goods damaged in shipping? The answer, my friend, ain’t just blowin’ in the wind. It’s in the air bags offered by ITW Shippers. Dan Harvey reports how the Tennessee-based company’s…

Kelly Moore Paint

Paint Innovations

Founded during the post-World War II housing boom, California-based Kelly-Moore Paint Company has become one of the country’s best-known paint manufacturers, serving the West and Southwest for 60 years. Dan Harvey paints a company portrait colored by commitment to quality…

Grabber Construction Products

Grabbing for Success

For nearly four decades, Grabber Construction Products and its revolutionary founder Brad Wagner have had one goal: Building the better screw. William Bunch reports on how this California-based legend in the construction products field continues to develop new fasteners that…

Grupo Javer

Building Strength

The success of Grupo JAVER is based on business ethics and a culture of effort and excellence. Under this philosophy, the company has become the leading developer in the fastest developing state in Mexico, as Susana Baumann discovers.

Derecktor Shipyards

Derecktor Shipyards | Industry Today

Founded in 1947, Derecktor Shipyards has established locations in seafaring locations on the Eastern Seaboard and advanced the concept of the mega yacht – super-sized and luxurious vessels that accommodate those compelled to answer the ocean’s call. Dan Harvey’s log…

Force Protection

Armored Forces

Force Protection Inc. designs, manufactures, tests, delivers, and supports blast- and mine-protected vehicles throughout the world. Barbara Kram reports on a company whose expertise is understandably in growing demand by the U.S. military.

Conductores Tecnologicos de Juarez (Con Tec)

Steering Strength

Aiming for constant growth, Conductores Tecnológicos de Juárez has adapted to a Japanese work culture with Mexican creativity processes and product innovation, as Susana Baumann discovers.

Constructora y Pavimentadora Vise

Constructora y Pavimentadora Vise | Industry Today

Working with its clients to make their projects a reality is the mission at CYPSA VISE, a Mexican company with the essential objective of supplying the central region’s development needs. Susana Baumann reports.

Baco, S.A.

Business Vision

The business vision of a German immigrant took this office and school supplies company to new heights and broad horizons. Susana Baumann reports on how Baco, S.A., confronts the challenges of a global market.

Behlen Mfg. Co.

Reaping the Harvest

Behlen Mfg. Co. is having a birthday. The company is 70 years young, and going strong after having overcome several obstacles. Susan Toth talked to company officials to find out how the company will parlay the lessons it learned into…

ClimateMaster Corporation

The Climate Controllers

Rising out of Oklahoma City, Okla., ClimateMaster has emerged as the global leader in the water-source heat pump industry. Dan Harvey reports on the company’s avowed mission: to control the interior climates of architectural structures throughout the world with the…


High Energy

For his newest business, energy industry pioneer George Sakellaris has an ambitious vision. Thanks to clearly delineated goals and strategic acquisitions, he’s already realized almost all that he set out to achieve. Dan Harvey reports how Ameresco Inc. has grown…

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