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UBV Vidro Design

Designer Glass

UBV Vidro Design leads the Latin American market in the manufacture of flat patterned glass. Located in Brazil, the company is the largest producer in the segment and its brand is synonymous with unique design and style. Reuben Ford gets…

W&H Systems, Inc.

Handling It All

In the world of material handling, moving products quickly and efficiently is what it’s all about. Lorie Greenspan finds out how W&H Systems, Inc. has mastered the art of conveyance technology, providing integrated solutions that answer each customer’s unique requirements.

Utility Trailers de Mexico SA de CV

Surpassing Standards

Since it started operations in 1993, Utility Trailers de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. has imported state-of-the-art trailers from the United States into Mexico. Through the wide variety of transportation products and services it offers, this leading Mexican company has earned…

Verst Group Logistics

Verst Group Logistics | Industry Today

A little bit of vision and a little bit of ingenuity transformed a one-truck transportation outfit into a prime logistics provider. Armando Diana learns that the road to success for Verst Group Logistics is all in the package.

Sparks Belting Co.

Conveying Profits

Sparks Belting, since 1946, has been inventing the means through which companies, particularly those in the food industry, move products through plants and warehouses. Lorie Greenspan discovers how the company grew into an internationally recognized conveyor belt manufacturer, fabricator and…

Stam Metalurgica SA

Lock, Stock, and Barrel

In Brazil, manufacturing locks is a big business. As Michael Sommers discovers, the key to Stam’s successful strategy has been to go after every single niche in the market with a foolproof combination of high quality and low prices.

TIMCO Aviation Services

Mighty Light

TIMCO Aviation Services proves its industry might in the lightest of components and through its Brice Manufacturing subsidiary has shown once again that big things are often found in lightweight packages, as Lorie Greenspan finds.

Universal Nolin Company

Cool Technology

Universal Nolin Company LLC, a three-division enterprise renowned for its world-class refrigeration products is bucking a recent trend: the South Carolina-based corporation is bringing jobs and production back home, and recently gave Spartanburg cause for celebration. Dan Harvey explains why.


Now You’re Cooking

Southbend, a division of Middleby Corporation, is a leading heavy-duty industrial cooking equipment company that is bucking industry trends with its forward-thinking approach to quality, innovation, and new products. Barbara Kram reports.

QEP Co., Inc.

Tools for Trades

Q.E.P. Co. Inc., is where professional installers go for the best carpetand tile-laying tools. The company’s portfolio includes 21 brands that have taken top spots in the industry worldwide. From simple beginnings 30 years ago, the company has grown to…

Santanense Textil

Centenary Threads

With more than 100 years of experience in making fabric for the clothing industry, Tecidos Santanense today boasts highly advanced textile factories and supplies many leading brands both in its native Brazil and abroad. Reuben Ford discovers how Santanense’s products…

Sapeka Industria

Big Things in Small Packages

From its infancy as a cottage industry, Sapeka Indústria, a Brazilian diaper company, has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. Co-founder Marco Antônio Raimundo talks to Lee Weingast about how the business has earned a position at…

Soler & Palau

Fanning Out Across the World

In its 50-plus years, Soler & Palau evolved into the leading international commercial and residential fan manufacturer. Interestingly, the Spain-based enterprise attained its high status without significant representation in North America. But that’s changing. Dan Harvey describes how Soler &…

Prince Agri Products

Ingredients for Excellence

From trace minerals to superior animal feed, Armando Diana learns that Prince Agri Products’ storied 150-plus years of existence has been fueled by a passion for excellence.

Marino Vileda Professional

Cleaning Combination

Marino Vileda Professional manufactures commercial cleaning solutions and products for the healthcare, industrial, foodservice and hospitality markets. David Soyka reports on how a family-owned Canadian company combined with a European partner to supply unique technologies that improve the bottom-line of…

Perini Civil Construction

Landmark Business

Perini Corporation is one of the most successful construction firms in the country, offering diversified general contracting, construction management and design-build services to private clients and public agencies throughout the world. David Soyka reports on developments in Perini’s Civil Construction…

Pierce Pacific Mfg.

Pierce Pacific Mfg. | Industry Today

Since 1931, Pierce Pacific Manufacturing, Inc. has designed and manufactured heavy equipment booms and attachments used for timber processing, material handling, excavation and demolition. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published or scroll down to read…

Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd.

Recession-Proof & Built to Last

The Maple Reinders’ story follows the classic North American history textbook template. Rapid western expansion inevitably followed eastern settlement. Founded 42 years ago, in Mississauga, Ontario, Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd., has spread as far west as British Columbia. Dan Harvey…


Plastic Times, Plastic Measures

Among the leaders in the manufacture of injection molded plastic goods, Marfinite Produtos Sintéticos Ltda supplies a number of different industries. Wherever you may be in Brazil, you are never far from one of the company’s many different products. Reuben…

Grupo GP

From the Ground Up

With more than four decades of experience, Grupo GP, a leading construction and real estate development company based in Monterrey, Mexico, has continually maximized its opportunities to expand as a business. Rachel Hartman reports on this solid company and its…

Intelligrated, Inc.

Even Better Handling

Intelligrated® is an American-owned supplier of integrated material handling systems that provide logistics solutions throughout the supply chain with services and products serving warehousing and distribution functions. David Soyka examines the company’s own integration with FKI Logistex to expand geographic…

Magnesita SA

Standing the Heat

By offering its customers in the steel and cement industries a full range of products and better service, and through an aggressive acquisition policy, Magnesita Refratarios plans to be the best global solution provider in the industry, Jeffrey Matthews reports.

Florida Tile

Tile Glamour

An earthen look, a new manufacturing facility and a commitment to the environment is what Armando Diana learned drives Florida Tile to success.

Maquinas Furlan

Maquinas Furlan | Industry Today

Brazil’s Furlan spent the first two decades of its existence repairing and manufacturing grinding and crushing machinery before it purchased a foundry. Over time, the production of alloys became the company’s principal activity, but as Michael Sommers discovered, in its…

DMB Maquinas & Implementos Agricolas

Sugar Cane Cultivators

From the time it was founded 35 years ago, DMB Máquinas e Implementos Agrícolas Ltda has been recognized as a pioneer in the production of equipment for the cultivation of sugar cane. At the forefront of one of Brazil’s leading…

Dur-A-Flex, Inc.

High Durability

Dur-A-Flex makes unique floor systems that are tough, rugged and nice to look at. Lorie Greenspan profiles a company that continually engineers advances in flooring for hospitals, food processing and light industry.

ExelTech Aerospace

Air Excellence

At ExelTech, the goal is to be the best provider of aircraft MRO services for regional airlines and airliners. Lorie Greenspan finds out how the 60-year-old company is forging ahead with new contracts that take on more sophisticated aircraft parts…

Dearborn Mid-West Conveyor Co.

On Its Way

Dearborn Mid-West Conveyor has made a name for itself by inventing and designing new ways to move materials. Lorie Greenspan finds out how its newer systems are targeted to help the power generation industry.


Wearing Well

Making bras and lacy lingerie is tough work, but DeMillus has conquered the Brazilian market for ladies' underwear and moved into related lines of products, including men's and boys' underwear, and cosmetics. The company does all this while providing work…

Catalytic Combustion Corporation

Clean Air Catalyst

Catalytic Combustion Corporation clears the air by helping clients comply with strict environmental regulations. Approaching its 60th birthday, the Wisconsin-headquartered enterprise started out by offering the first-ever U.S. patented catalyst to destroy volatile organic compounds and other pollutants. Today, it’s…


Mine Builder

Simply put, Cementation Canada builds mines. A Murray and Roberts Company, Cementation has sunk many of the world’s deep shafts and is recognized in North America as the most active shaft sinking contractor. David Soyka bores in for this report.

Maquinas Condor S/A

Handling with Care

Over the past half century, Grupo Condor has become a respected provider of machinery for the movement and handling of bulk solids. Vice President André Meyer da Silva tells Lee Weingast about this Brazilian company’s path to prosperity.

Creative Pultrusions, Inc.

Pultruder Par Excellence

What Creative Pultrusions Inc. accomplishes with fiber-reinforced polymers appears absolutely alchemical. The magic resides in the pultrusion process. Dan Harvey reports on how the 37-year old subsidiary of Hill and Smith is extending its technological wizardry throughout the world.

Crop Production Services

21st Century Agro-Retailer

A major U.S. agriculture force, Crop Production Services establishes new standards for products and services geared toward the modern farmer.

Usina Alta Mogiana

Sugar Bounty

Usina Alta Mogiana’s Luiz Gustavo j. Figueiredo tells Lee Weingast how this Brazilian company has been successfully weaving together sugar, ethanol and electricity for the past quarter-century.

Bangor Hydro-Electric Co.

Energizing Connections

Bangor Hydro Electric Company is an electric transmission and distribution utility based in Eastern Maine that is wholly owned by Emera Inc. David Soyka reports on the plans of this enterprise to connect customers to an electric grid that expands…

Biancogres Ceramica SA

Ceramic Tile & Substance | Industry Today

Over the last decade, Brazil’s Biancogres has carved out a profitable niche by producing top-of-the-line ceramic tiles. But as Michael Sommers discovered in an interview with General Sales Manager Fábio Moraes, in the high-end tile trade, in order to thrive…

Biochamm Caldeiras

Burning Energy

Located in the south of Brazil, one of the world’s leaders in the use and production of alternative energy sources, Biochamm Caldeiras e Equipamentos Indústriais Ltda is among the fastest growing manufacturers of biomass burning boilers in the sector. Reuben…

Brac Systems Inc.

Water Resource

You think the oil crisis is bad? The looming water shortage will make that seem like a mere inconvenience. Brac Systems was founded in 2005 to alert the world and advocate water efficiency. Further, the Montreal company manifested its message…

The Agromart Group

Optimizing Efficiency

The Agromart Group, comprised of 21 agricultural retailing joint ventures in Eastern Canada, obtains a wide variety of support services and products to optimize its business operations from its corporate partner, The Agronomy Company of Canada Ltd. Janice Gable Bashman…

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