The RecipSys 200 modular monitoring system delivers real-time data, eliminating periodic shutdowns of manual rider band wear inspections.

istec recipsys 200

Lisse, The Netherlands: Istec presents its rod drop monitoring system for reciprocating compressors: The RecipSys 200. A compact and modular monitoring system that delivers accurate real-time data of rider band wear, and eliminates the need for periodic shutdowns to do manual rider band wear inspections. The transmitter-based system is affordable and extends the range of compressors that can be monitored. After multiple successful pilot installations the RecipSys 200 is now globally available.

Adapted to market needs

The increasing demand for machine availability and insights in critical parameters of both larger and smaller reciprocating compressors, made Istec break new grounds. The RecipSys 200 answers these market needs by delivering financially accessible, easy to use and stand-alone rod drop monitoring with extensive scalability and modularity options.

Innovative technology

The RecipSys 200 offers a flexible alternative for traditional and complex rack-based monitoring systems, which are not solely dedicated to rod drop monitoring. By using a phase triggered signal, as opposed to an overall signal, the transmitter-based system provides unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Versatile use

Extensive scalability options allow multiple modules to be connected for reciprocating compressors with multiple cylinders, making it suitable for any compressor configuration. Its modularity allows the system to be integrated with other systems that monitor critical mechanical parameters, such as temperature, vibration or impact.

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About Istec
Decades of experience with machine monitoring and protection were translated into this accessible compressor monitoring solution. Motivated by its endeavours to maximize machine availability, Istec redefined hardware applicability by taking scalability and modularity to new heights.

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