Jellyfish Technology Solutions is developing market-leading proprietary technology to improve efficiencies for its partners and customers.

(New York, NY)  Jellyfish – a world-leading digital marketing partner to Nike, eBay, Samsung and Uber – announced the launch of Jellyfish Technology Solutions, a dedicated team of 150 engineers & product teams, to drive innovation and future-proof its global offering. 

With digital transformation taking a quantum leap following the coronavirus pandemic – global adoption of partially or fully digitalized products and services accelerated by seven years in 2020 alone – Jellyfish Technology Solutions will work closely alongside Google, Facebook and Amazon to prepare its businesses and partners for the technological, data and privacy updates to come in 2021 and beyond. 

Benjamin Pipat, Chief Solutions Officer, Jellyfish Technology Solutions and a senior team of technologists will lead a $10 million project per year to develop and enhance its set of proprietary technologies and SaaS products. 

With recent acquisitions, Jellyfish is now the home of a dozen market-leading technologies in Paid Media, Analytics, eCommerce, SEO and Creative. These solutions will give Jellyfish an increasing edge in terms of performance, efficiency and consistency for the development and the operation of global digital projects of clients.

Benjamin, Chief Solutions Officer said:

“There was a time, not so long ago, when agencies relied on tech. Or at least claimed to. In 2021, the situation is radically different. Technologies and processes are becoming so complex that you need to have the right size, tools and experts to deliver high-quality, scalable and consistent outcomes. To solve this problem across all capabilities, Jellyfish is doubling down on building, deploying and scaling its proprietary technologies to enhance brands’ performance and unlock the potential of digital platforms.”

The Technology Solutions Team includes six Jellyfish’s VPs and previous tech founders, bringing together 90+ years of experience in engineering, AI and digital technology and talents that span several markets across the globe – UK, US, Brazil, France, Israel, Ukraine, and India.

About Jellyfish
Jellyfish, part of the Fimalac Group, is a global partner in digital marketing and transformation to some of the world’s recognizable brands including Samsung, Uber, Nestle, Orange, Spotify, & eBay. Jellyfish represents a new kind of digital business, where agency services are combined with consultancy, training, and cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients. Employing 2300 people across 47 offices globally, and with further expansion on the horizon, Jellyfish aims to be the first-choice global partner for any brand’s digital requirements. Launched in 2005, Jellyfish has also grown to become one of a select few globally managed Google Marketing Partners. Growing at an average of 45% per annum consistently over the last eight years, Jellyfish is proud to be at the forefront of the global digital economy.

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