JM Performance Products manufactures retention knobs, spindle maintenance products guaranteed to optimize spindle to toolholder contact.

JM Performance Products, Inc. (Fairport Harbor, OH) manufactures retention knobs and other spindle maintenance products guaranteed to optimize spindle to toolholder contact. JMPP’s featured product, patented High Torque Retention Knobs, are designed to eliminate toolholder expansion, the root cause of vibration, chatter, run-out, poor finishes, and poor tolerances in CNC milling. Guaranteed to improve tooling performance in even the harshest milling environments, these retention knobs will increase tool life by a minimum of 20%, improve finishes, shorten cycle times, and increase productivity, with a potential savings per mill of $24,000 annually.

Manufactured from US steel with nearly 400 styles available for immediate shipment, each knob is laser-marked for full traceability and time-in-service tracking. The first step in CNC milling optimization, JMPP’s High Torque retention knobs make CNC milling using V-Flange tooling the most precise, productive, cost effective tooling available.

Additionally, recognizing the critical importance of solid CNC spindle maintenance in order to achieve the best milling results and safe-guard against expensive draw bar failure and related downtime, the Company has introduced the patented hydraulic ClampForce gage. Used to easily and quickly monitor drawbar force, the gage verifies the amount of pulling force exerted by the drawbar against the toolholder.

The ClampForce gage heads are available in 3,000, 5,000, 10,000, and 15,000 ft/lb configurations with adapters available in CAT and BT 30, 40, and 50 taper sizes ( some Capto and HSK adapters are available). Sold as complete kits, the gages are packaged in a heavy duty toolbox with protective packing materials. Kits come with complete instructions, and the company maintains an instructional video on their web site (