Appointment coincides with FCG’s efforts to expand ground-up, retrofit, and subcontract steel erection services to US clients.

Tulsa, OK – The Fleming Construction Group (FCG) is pleased to announce that it has named FCG business development officer, Justin Willett as its new president. Willett will oversee the strategic operations of all four entities under the Fleming Construction Group umbrella – Fleming Construction, Fleming 8760, Fleming Steel Erectors and Rainwater Construction. The appointment coincides with FCG’s efforts to expand its ground-up, retrofit, and subcontracting steel erection services to clients beyond Oklahoma throughout the United States.

Willett is tasked with implementing FCG’s overarching mission of helping clients grow their businesses by efficiently delivering quality facilities, while keeping an eye on lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) throughout the lifecycle of building assets.

“Fleming has historically been known for its nationwide steel erection capabilities,” said Willett. “We have found, especially during this past year as the Covid-19 outbreak and volatility in the oil & natural gas markets have reshaped the construction market in Oklahoma and beyond, that being able to deliver from a number of angles – particularly through our steel erection arm, Fleming Steel Erectors and recent partnership with Atlanta-based Rainwater Construction — we can remain agile and never skip a beat in terms of strategic expansion and growth.”

The Fleming Construction Group supports commercial building owners with new construction services through Fleming Construction and building retrofit services including energy efficiency and roof management through Fleming 8760. Fleming Steel Erectors supports general contractors as either a materials+erect or labor only partner. Rainwater Construction was a perfect addition to the FCG family with a longstanding reputation for quality general construction services, self-performing steel erection capabilities and metal roofing expertise in the country’s largest steel building systems market.

“At the Fleming Construction Group, we’re committed first and foremost to delivering value to our clients and team,” said Willett. “We do this by cutting unnecessary overhead, while providing our employees with a work environment that allows them to fulfill their career ambitions and unlock the leadership qualities and creativity they haven’t been able to express before. The result is an ecosystem in which our team does its best work and our clients receive a superior product at a price that is highly competitive.”

Operating throughout the United States, with more than 70 million square feet installed in 41 states, Fleming is ready to deliver the highest quality services and client satisfaction over the long term.

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About Fleming Construction Group: Since 1946, Oklahoma-based Fleming Construction Group (FCG) has been a leader in pre-construction, construction, and post construction/retrofit for non-residential and industrial facilities development. With a national portfolio, more than 70 million square feet of transactions, and a management team dedicated to blending experience with technological advancement, the FCG name is synonymous with innovation, quality and expertise. For more information, please visit: