Lantech announces they will not be exhibiting at Pack Expo 2021 due to Covid concerns.

Louisville, Kentucky — In a letter to associates on Wednesday, Jim Lancaster, President and CEO of Lantech announced that for the first time in the 49-year history of the company, they have made the decision to not exhibit at this years’ Pack Expo due to increased concerns regarding the latest COVID-19 data.

In the letter Jim wrote:

Trade Shows have been, and continue to be, a significant part of our brand identity and culture since the founding of the company in 1972. So, deciding not to attend a major show like Pack Expo, in spite of the fact that it appears the show will go on, is a difficult decision for us, and me in particular, to make.

I find that as a company, when we have to make a tough decision, we are well served to do it with our values front and center and with as much real data as we can gather. At Lantech we believe that the relationship between the company and the associates working for it is a two-way relationship – that is, the same standards of fairness, loyalty, responsibility, and personal concern must apply equally in both directions. Our relationship with our partners, customers and vendors is also a two-way relationship subject to the same standards. So, while business remains at an all-time high, we feel that our responsibility is to our associates and our customers first.

The data is clear that the spike in infections and, more importantly, hospitalizations and capacity in ICU departments are back to critical levels in large sections of our country. Thus, regardless of vaccination status, there is a real risk that we, or our customers and partners, could carry the virus back to those around us at home and/or at work. So out of respect for our customers, respect for our partners and respect for each other we will not be exhibiting at the Pack Expo in Las Vegas.

About Lantech
In 1972 Lantech made an impact on the world by inventing the stretch wrapper and changing the way companies package and protect their products for shipment. Now, billions of pallet loads are stretch wrapped every year. With the development of the unique Lantech case erector more than 40 years ago, we have continued to develop our case equipment into the most reliable machines on the market. Today we build case and tray handling machines in the Netherlands and stretch wrappers in the United States, with sales and technical support worldwide. Over the years our business has been built on innovation, customer support, and the mission to dramatically reduce shipping damage globally.