Volume 14 | Issue 2 | Year 2011

Companies continuously seek solutions to help them improve. More and more prioritize logistics and reduce production costs. Brazil’s economy is reaching greater heights than ever before. With a market share exceeding 60 percent, Saur Equipamentos S.A supplies the lifting machinery that carries the weight of this success. For four important market sectors (agriculture, industrial, automotive and forestry) the company manufactures load-bearing machinery for every eventuality. Applications of Saur’s equipment range, which includes more than 50 models, are varied and depend on a client’s necessities. “Any company, whether it is in a warehouse, depot or packaging plant, needs to lift and move goods,” says Sales Manager Enio André Heinen.
Offering solutions since 1926, the company is completely departmentalized, providing hydraulic machinery for heavy duty farming needs; forklift technology, clamps, rotary cranes and pushers for industrial purposes; load-lifting equipment for buses and trucks, including hydraulic rear-tilting trailer mechanisms; and lifting claws and cranes for forestry applications. “And we’re constantly looking for new opportunities,” Heinen continues.

Responding to the need for cost-efficient logistics and movement solutions, Saur made groundbreaking developments in its industrial product line. One innovation is the paper spool claw, a dual-function hydraulic claw that moves industrial-sized roles of paper. Another addition is the cellulose claw, with its technical characteristics adapted to move cellulose blocks. Appliance clamps for lifting and storing household appliances in warehouses offer similar revolutionary technology that guarantees safe movement and increases efficiency.

It’s not just about improved products; it’s also about improved technology. Saur, which is in a state of constant evolution, invested heavily in manufacturing technology at its 20,000-square-meter facility in Parnambi, Rio Grande do Sul state. Among the many improvements are robotic soldering arms, state-of-the-art cutting machines and painting equipment.

Product diversity affords Saur a broad spectrum of solutions, with notable features in every product “family.” Departments work together. Cross application of knowledge and techniques makes equipment unique. No individual product represents the company, nor is one “family” primarily responsible for sales. Between loading and unloading platforms, forklift accessories, cranes and rolling bridges, hydraulic equipment for tractors and factory vehicles, truck lift platforms and special equipment, Saur developed solutions that break records and satisfy demand.

Saur has realized constant growth year after year. “More than 10 percent of our 60-percent market share in Brazil was achieved in 2011. With a growing number of applications for our ranges, we’re positive about the future,” says Saur’s Press Agent Monica Heinrichs.

Saur serves the growing paper, cellulose, beverage, food, construction, mining, petrochemical, textile, tobacco, domestic appliance, and metal industries, and it exports throughout Latin America. Despite its international presence, it was unfazed by the economic crisis. “Machinery enables companies to reduce overhead and increase income. Brazil’s labor costs are relatively high. Industrializing systems is an attractive alternative,” explains Heinen. “Filling the gap steered Saur away from any losses that might have been incurred by the economic difficulties and paved the way for record success.”

Brazil’s building boom is also good news. The construction industry continues to grow, as do equipment suppliers. Government housing incentives, to provide for low-income groups, have increased sales of lifting machinery. Meanwhile, the company values close relationships with clients, collaborators and suppliers. Growing market share, sales figures and an increasingly positive brand image are uplifting. Through innovation and solution range, Saur Equipamentos S.A. takes the weight off customers’ shoulders.

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