As a leading full China Lithium-Ion battery provider, BSLBATT expands integrated lithium-ion power to heavy-duty forklift segment.

BSLBATT Battery. – Raniero Forklift Trucks company breaks new ground with BSLBATT Battery factory integrated, high-voltage lithium-ion power in Load capacity From 12 to 25 tons capacity sit-down counterbalanced lift trucks. The Raniero® AC150-6 – AC160-6 – AC170-6 – AC180-6, AC160L-12, AC180L-12, AC200L-12, AC220L-12 120V, and AC120-6 – AC140-6 provide a zero-emission alternative with performance comparable to an internal combustion engine in high-capacity indoor and outdoor applications.

The demand for lithium batteries continues to increase as more Handle heavy load (beverage distribution, paper, wood, and metal industries), manufacturers, and consumers realize the benefits of lithium over lead-acid batteries. Raniero Forklifts, realizing this trend, has chosen premium BSLBATT lithium batteries to power their innovative Raniero Forklifts, a heavy-duty forklift application. The Raniero Forklifts utilizes a unique patented module structure BSLBATT high-capacity power lithium batteries, providing reliable long-lasting power to users – along with a BSLBATT cloud platform built into the dash showing battery state of charge for user’s peace of mind.

Lithium Batteries for the Most Demanding Applications

BSLBATT high-capacity power lithium batteries work differently than competing solutions: its unique patented module structure eliminates almost all downtime. Think of modules as Lego bricks that are stacked to make one large battery. Each module is independently monitored and controlled via the cloud to maintain optimal battery conditions. When needed, individual modules can be remotely disconnected, while the remaining modules continue to operate. Best of all, the modules have individual temperature controls that allow forklifts to run unaffected in -30°C weather. This revolutionary change in thinking about batteries allows forklifts to operate continuously without the need for backups.

BSLBATT’s high-capacity power lithium batteries solve the challenges of power, capacity, ease of use, and reliability – unlike any other lithium battery. Lithium batteries are extremely efficient and provide their rated capacity at any rate of discharge, meaning users will have more hours of power and sustained power throughout discharge.

“Our high-capacity power lithium batteries line of products are an industry innovation for Heavy Duty Forklifts and other applications. We have dedicated ourselves to bringing a lithium battery to market that solves the challenges of not just lead-acid batteries, but other lithium batteries as well. We’re thrilled to partner with Raniero Forklifts, another company leading the charge in their industry,” said BSLBATT Battery CEO Eric Yi.

“Environmental considerations are an increasingly important focus for all industries and applications, as are the competitive pressures to streamline lift truck fleets and better manage costs,” says, Director, Middle East Distributor, Raniero Forklift Trucks company. “Introducing lithium-ion power to equipment for heavy-duty applications can help our customers respond to these challenges, and also provide significant ergonomic benefits for operators.”

The lithium-ion battery pairs with efficient, high-power electric motors to deliver performance comparable to an ICE, but uses fewer serviceable components for reduced periodic maintenance requirements. The battery itself is sealed and requires no maintenance.

Lithium-ion batteries also provide consistent power delivery throughout the full battery charge, avoiding the performance degradation found in traditional lead-acid batteries. The battery can also fully charge in less than 90 minutes using the required charger, and opportunity charging capabilities allow operators to plug in whenever convenient to extend runtime and spend less time charging.

Lithium Batteries for the Most Demanding Applications

Sustainable solution for operators and the environment

Switching to lithium energy eliminates the vibrations caused by internal combustion, reducing driver fatigue and increasing productivity and wellness. For companies seeking to achieve sustainability goals, lithium is also the optimal choice. Transitioning to BSLBATT heavy-duty lithium-ion batteries eliminates pollutant emissions that impact the health of operators and the environment.

Significant cost reductions backed by a 5-year or 10000 hours warranty 

The total cost of ownership is increasingly becoming the most critical factor when deciding on an energy solution. While internal combustion forklifts have the advantage of lower upfront costs, the total amount spent over their lifetime is impacted by fuel and maintenance costs. By switching to cheaper electricity and opting for BSLBATT’s modular battery technology, operations can save up to $18,000 per year per forklift. BSLBATT also stands by its bold claims of durability with a 5-year or 10000 hours warranty. This enables operations to make confident decisions and focus on keeping their facilities productive.

Lithium Batteries for the Most Demanding Applications

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About BSLBATT Battery
BSLBATT is one of the largest developers, manufacturers, and integrators of lithium-ion batteries for lift trucks in China. BSLBATT supports and guides our distributors to be NO.  1 in the Replacement of Lead Acid Batteries with LiFePO4 Forklift Batteries in the local market. The company sells large quantities of industrial batteries for various equipment. It successfully collaborates with several OEM market leaders.

BSLBATT is a “change ambassador” for the international implementation of the new technology. The company continuously invests in technological development. It has been exploring new chemical compositions that could further reduce the cost of the product while improving performance in order to continue replacing traditional lead-acid batteries. BSLBATT lithium-ion battery systems are built with LFP cells, which have become the benchmark of reliability, longevity, and safety. For more information on BSLBATT Battery, visit

About Raniero Forklifts
Raniero Forklifts- Lampocar S.r.l. Costruzione Carrelli Elevatori- is an Italian company that produces and distributes forklifts since 1967. Customers who over the years have chosen Raniero belong mainly to steel-related manufacturing sectors, mechanical, timber, and wood, paper and pulps, marble, recycling, management of special waste, to logistics. These areas require the handling of heavy and bulky loads, autonomy, and continuity multi-shift working, sometimes in difficult weather conditions in binding spaces.

Raniero brand is present all over Europe through a network of dealers that distribute large and prestigious brands of the sector. The company has launched a program of internationalization in the EC-Extra markets by promoting the benefits of their machines in terms of reliability, performance, adaptation to the specific customer needs, and ergonomics. For more information on Raniero Forklifts, visit