Logical Systems, LLC (LSI) is pleased to welcome Brett Ziehl as its newest Level V Lead Process Engineer.

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Brett Ziehl

Memphis, TN – Logical Systems, LLC (LSI) is pleased to welcome Brett Ziehl as its newest Level V Lead Process Engineer. Ziehl is based out of LSI’s Ontario, Canada office and is responsible for project management, process design, and business development. He will also oversee several of LSI’s food and beverage endeavors, including the project management of a brownfield beverage plant project and craft brewery facility improvements.

Before joining LSI, Ziehl served as Senior Project Manager of Brewing at Molson Coors Canada. During his time at Molson Coors, he led many innovation-related projects and was a key player in managing the design and build of a new state-of-the-art brewery in Chilliwack, BC.

Ziehl has also performed advanced process engineering roles for other companies in Canada and South Africa, including Iogen Corporation, SABMiller Africa, Huppmann Process Africa, and South African Breweries. His extensive hands-on experience in process design and innovation supports LSI’s outcome-driven mindset and commitment to clients across multiple industries. Ziehl brings over 25 years of brewing process and process control experience to LSI’s team.

“Brett’s leadership experience, process engineering background, and deep understanding of our industrial clients will be very beneficial,” says Nick Riggio, LSI’s President. “He’s a welcome addition to our process team at LSI.”

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