MEDIAGENIX adds a new dimension to its Media Business Management Platform WHATS’ON with the launch of WHATS’ON HIVE.

Brussels – MEDIAGENIX will showcase a lean content supply chain that elegantly connects strategic, planning and execution workflows by leveraging a series of new WHATS’ON HIVE products, including:

  • Content Cockpit, visualizing content ROI by providing real-time intelligence on content performance and audience engagement.
  • Strategic Planning, facilitating the long-term allocation of content across platforms to match supply and demand.
  • Content Curation, tuning on-demand prominence and discoverability to drive audience engagement and monetization.
  • Metadata portal, facilitating collaborative enrichment and leveraging automated ingestion from internet platforms.
  • ARTIST, the suite of augmented intelligence solutions facilitating ratings-optimized automated scheduling.
  • Integrated online marketplace, leveraging the agility of online marketplaces to sell and acquire content.

Leveraging three decades of continuous development, WHATS’ON has earned a strong reputation for its functional depth and open architecture, fostering smooth integrations into any media ecosystem.

The new WHATS’ON HIVE platform now seamlessly expands the core principles of WHATS’ON in the cloud by streamlining all workflows even more elegantly into one shared and controlled process governed by continuous deployment, helping media companies to be even more agile in view of increasing content costs and continuously shifting viewer demand.

Ivan Verbesselt, Chief Product & Marketing Officer for MEDIAGENIX: “A lean content supply chain lays the foundation to actively drive content ROI and lifetime value of content. WHATS’ON enables this through agile windowing and publishing across multiple platforms as well as smart content curation to drive engagement and discoverability. With WHATS’ON HIVE we take this agility a big step further.”

MEDIAGENIX will present WHATS’ON HIVE and their new Lean Content Supply Chain during remote meetings and webinars hosted from their studio.

For more information, contact Geert Van Droogenbroeck, Marketing Officer,

MEDIAGENIX ranks among the top media tech vendors in the international media industry with Media Business Management Platform WHATS’ON.

Over 150 media companies across the globe rely on WHATS’ON to achieve a lean content supply chain with streamlined content, rights, and planning workflows that are unified across all delivery platforms, including VOD and Linear. Clients include OTT streamers and VOD platforms, public and commercial radio & TV stations, telcos, and video service providers. Together they manage a total of more than 2,500 channels and services.

More than 250 employees are working from offices in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

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