July 1, 2019

ALBANY, N.Y. — MTI Instruments, an Albany, New York-based manufacturer of precision measurement solutions, announced the launch of a third-generation digital capacitance displacement gauge with lower noise and industry-leading resolution. The Accumeasure D Series (“Gen 3”) is designed with OEM customers in mind. With both analog and digital outputs, the Gen 3 can be seamlessly integrated into customers products to measure, monitor, and provide instant closed loop feedback for critical process parameters including gap, vibration and positioning.

The Gen 3 design includes a lower-noise amplifier than its earlier versions, and it features sub-nanometer resolution for highly precise measurements.

“The Gen 3 product skillfully combines both analog and digital technologies to address new customer demands,” said Rick Jones, president and CEO of MTI Instruments. “When measurements reach this level of precision, they can provide our customers with additional capabilities to drive innovation of their own products, a move that can lead to product differentiation and a competitive edge.”

The Gen 3 uses state-of-the-art technology to convert a capacitive electric field measurement directly into a highly reliable 24-bit digital reading to accurately measure position, thickness, motion and vibration. The quadrature encoder input provides positional information simultaneously with the displacement signal.

The launch of the Gen 3 product is the latest in a series of concerted efforts to position the company as an innovation leader in the field of metrology using capacitance technology.

“This third-generation Digital Accumeasure system delivers a wide range of applications for industries that require ultra-precise measurements—from brake rotor thickness to precision-formed metal thickness in metal fabrication plants, and from semiconductor lithography focus stages to precision gap measurements, and so much more,” Jones said. “For the past few years, the company has developed a product roadmap to achieve technological leadership and sustainability — this is an example of continuous innovation”

The Digital Accumeasure Gen 3 comes standard with 24-bit USB/Ethernet digital output. Filter frequency response, sample, rate, linearization, and probe range are all digitally-controlled for the most accurate data capture, lossless processing and the freedom from having to purchase additional acquisition hardware. Additionally, its compact design enables in-product integration applications.

About MTI Instruments:
MTI Instruments is a leading provider of non-contact measurement tools and condition-based monitoring systems. Its products—used worldwide by clients requiring the highest levels of accuracy—provide applications across numerous industry sectors. From transportation and power generation to factory automation and consumer electronics, MTI Instruments promises precision to each of the clients it serves. Based in Albany, New York, MTI Instruments is ISO 9001:2015 certified, a demonstration of its ability to consistently provide products that meet or exceed customer and regulatory requirements. For more information, visit https://www.mtiinstruments.com/.

Media Contact:
John Mackowiak