Safely transporting and handling B.O.P. stacks in ultra-low temperatures is made easier with this specially designed system.

Davidson, N.C. – Ingersoll Rand has introduced the Ingersoll Rand® Arctic Range Blowout Preventor (B.O.P.) Handling System for safely transporting and handling B.O.P. stacks in ultra-low temperatures. This specially designed system can operate at temperatures as low as -45º C while handling a working load weighing from 20 to 40 metric tons.  

“Ingersoll Rand designed the Arctic Range B.O.P. Handling System for the specific needs of rig operators in the Arctic, giving them powerful and reliable equipment in hazardous, cold weather environments,” said Gus Caldera, Global Leader, Business Development for Ingersoll Rand. “The robust, all-steel design and corrosion-resistant components thrive in the unforgiving oilfield environments of the Arctic.”

The Arctic Range Blowout Preventor Handling System is an effective solution for maneuvering a B.O.P. stack during rig up and rig down procedures in onshore and offshore drilling operations in the Arctic and sub-Arctic geographical areas. It is available in 20-, 30-, and 40-ton capacities.

It has a new design that uses steel, modern alloys, and other state-of-the-art materials to operate safely in freezing climates. The system’s durable hydraulic hoses are rated for operation at -45º C and for storage at -60º C. It features a cast-iron bottom block, hook, and galvanized chain. All primary load components on the B.O.P. handling system have passed the Charpy Impact Test at -60º C and hold a 3.1 Material Traceability Certification.

Ingersoll Rand’s Arctic Range B.O.P. includes the following built-in safety features:

  • Preheated Hydraulic System – An integrated preheating system warms the hydraulic fluid in the hoist and trolley motors up from -45º C to -20º C in only 30 minutes. Previously, operators would wait hours for the system to heat before beginning lifting operations.
  • Integrated Control Console – Operators can navigate and maneuver up to four hoist and trolley combinations from the control system’s single console panel. The control console stands up to 40 meters away from the hoist, so operators can efficiently maneuver the Cold-Weather B.O.P. from a close distance. 
  • ATEX Ratings – The handling system can be configured to comply with ATEX ratings for zone 1 and zone 2.

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