Collaborative Economic Development Regions are part of the state’s Economic Recovery and Expansion Strategy (ERES).

CONCORD, N.H. – The New Hampshire Department of Business and Economic Affairs (BEA) announced today the first of the Collaborative Economic Development Regions (CEDRs) have been established to promote economic expansion post COVID. Created as part of the Granite State’s Economic Recovery and Expansion Strategy (ERES), the CEDRs will deeply engage regional partners and work with the BEA on the recovery efforts.

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted New Hampshire’s workforce availability, and key sectors that are crucial to the state’s economy saw record losses in jobs and revenue.

“While the pandemic has taken a significant toll on the Granite State, New Hampshire has proven resilient. Our economy continues to be the best in the Northeast, individuals are back at work, and more and more people are calling New Hampshire home,” said BEA Commissioner Taylor Caswell. “Our goal is to keep New Hampshire’s competitive edge and maintain that consistently across the state.”

To date, two CEDRs have been formed with the final two coming online by year’s end. The new regional groups will create a mechanism to facilitate strong collaboration among economic development partners in addressing areas such as business retention and attraction; workforce development; entrepreneurship; infrastructure, and business advocacy.

“We are pleased to partner with BEA to roll out this economic recovery strategy and believe it will have a significant positive impact for our region and helps us meet our missions by working together,” said Darren Winham, economic development executive director, Town of Exeter, and a leader within the Seacoast CEDR. “We are able to be more effective individually and as a region when we work collaboratively. There’s an amazing amount of synergy in our group, which now includes 40 service providers.”

“Our focus is on growing our collective ability to support New Hampshire’s employers by clearing the way and providing tools for their success,” continued Caswell. “CEDRs are an intentional approach that builds an infrastructure for the state’s entities to work together and deliver on our collective missions to support those employers.”

The full Economic Recovery and Expansion Strategy (ERES) is available here:

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