Megamaa material is a mixture of fluidizing natural rock powder that absorbs the excess rainfall water.

North African countries suffer from flooding of neighborhoods and streets in their largest cities as a results of large amounts of rain as a results of global climate change and therefore the reform the inefficiency of the infrastructure of those cities and the absorption of drainage networks for the massive amount of water, which causes the loss of people and property like buildings and cars The rain crisis also causes the stopping and paralysis of traffic movement as a results of the sinking of tunnels and metro stations. Among the countries that suffer most from the matter of flooding streets as a results of rain (Tunisia and Morocco).

Infrastructure building is that the solution proposed by everyone, but this costs countries billions of dollars, because it takes a really while and is difficult to implement in cities. Some consider fixing multi-year plans to regulate the tendencies of the roads in conjunction with the natural development plans that happen every period, taking under consideration the amount and extra costs but this isn’t a guarantee.

So that the research team in Morocco innovated Megamaa material for solving rain floods. It is a mixture of fluidizing natural rock powder that absorbs the excess rainfall water instead of Infrastructure building. The using method by throwing the Megamaa material on the place suffer from submerge like a seeds before rains fall then removing it after rains and conveying it in drought areas to use agriculture and irrigation.

This industry is not only for African countries but also for European countries because it suffers from this crisis in recent years in Spain, France and Italy in 2020 and Belgium and Germany on July 2021 and the loses more than 170 death between 2-3 billion Euros.

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